ISO 27001

We are proud to announce that AimBetter has recently completed the ISO 27001 Compliance process, the first step in our…

Agent Viewing List

As part of AimBetter’s Zero Trust policy, our agent access is restricted to the Data layer architecture level only, having…

SQL Server SOS Scenario

For one major company, suddenly all their printers stalled. Think of what’s happening to all the users who are now…

AimBetter Banner Tree

Aimbetter’s new family tree. A tree that is growing and never looks back. So why not join our family and be a part of this global growth.
We play smart but we monitor smarter

Data TLV Summit 2022

Data TLV Summit 2022 September 15, 2022 Data TLV is the biggest and most comprehensive annual educational Data Conference in…

Marketplace Leaders Testimonial Quotes

Even the Leaders of the marketplace globally are recommending our product. They are openly stating its benefits, its savings, its advantages of having it in your tool boxes. If the expertas know it works, and the many customers of Aimbetter know it works then come join our ever growing global Family.

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About DBA BRASIL 3.0

Our partners Polis Consulting in Brasil were a participant in the highly-rated DBA 3.0 annual conference held in São Paolo…

Israel SMB Conference

SMB 2019 4th November 2019 The annual SMB Conference is the largest and most significant SMB conference in Israel. This…
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AimBetter Your Best Decision Tool

Make the best possible decisions even when the unexpected happens by Henry Kaye   Introduction Everyone is familiar with the…
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SQL Query causing CPU overload

SQL Query causing CPU overload April 2018 Introduction Recently one of our customers was presented with a sudden warning of…
Pinpointing & fixing Performance problems in real-time Review on AimBetter

AimBetter is a suite of SaaS database monitoring solutions and services that gives companies and database administrators better visibility and control over the health and performance of their cloud-based, on-premise, or hybrid data infrastructures.

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Diagnostic of High CPU

Change Tracking Causes High CPU Usage Introduction A customer recently encountered a critical issue when AimBetter Alerts monitor reported a…