Real Time Problem Solving DBA vs Regular DBA

A leading food producer and distributor had been struggling with poor system performance for weeks. With Priority as their ERP, integrated with other applications like ULMA and Qlik Sense, understanding the root cause of this situation was complex. They were frustrated with their long-time DBA service provider, who couldn’t provide an efficient solution.

When connecting to the main server that served as both a database and web server, the DBA couldn’t identify which specific process was involved in the recurrent hiccups felt by the system users, working many hours on optimizing some inefficient queries. Although these queries may have been inefficient, they did not really impact the whole environment significantly, wasting a lot of DBA hours without the expected results. The DBA could only see what happened at a specific time using regular monitoring tools, missing the whole picture.


Despite their history with this provider, the ongoing system slowness was causing major dissatisfaction among employees, affecting their daily work. So, the CIO decided to look for a new solution and got a great recommendation for AimBetter.

After 10 minutes of being installed, a 5-minute process, the CIO was impressed! He started to see what was happening in the system more clearly than ever.


The queries that were causing the bottleneck were displayed and could be filtered. Filtering by duration time, he could see which query was the most critical, blocking 10 other users.



AimBetter provided the whole picture with real-time and past activities. Aggregating data for each query, it is possible to see how many users were blocked in total, even those that received time-out and were not seen as being blocked at this specific moment.



The query blocking many users could be identified as having originated in an application, “MOBISALESQL,” and had index recommendations. By identifying the application, its details, and its execution plan, the CIO could request an immediate solution from ULMA, the application provider. Without this, it would have been extremely difficult to detect among the thousands of requests from the ULMA’s application to Priority, which was problematic.




The treatment was efficient, and the system performance started to improve significantly.
Understanding AimBetter’s power and the competitive advantage it gave its DBA team in solving problems and maintaining stable systems, the CIO stopped working with the previous DBA service provider and contracted the AimBetter system with services.

If you want to learn more about how Aimbetter can enhance your IT management by preventing disruptions and speeding up recovery from unexpected events, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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