Real Time Problems Solving for SQL Server

Find the root causes of SQL Server performance issues in real time

AimBetter Real-Time Problems Solving for SQL Server gives you complete visibility and control of the SQL Server environment, pinpointing in real-time the root cause of performance issues. Powerful computing capabilities and advanced algorithms shorten the time needed to troubleshoot critical issues, improving system stability and performance. With the insights gained from AimBetter SQL Server RTPS, you can make informed decisions about optimizing and enhancing your databases, without being a Database Administrator.

AimBetter’s real-time capabilities enable you to quickly identify the source of performance issues, whether from application code errors, non-optimal query plans, operating systems, or hardware deficiency. Instead of asking for the expert DBA to analyze each performance issue, you can count on AimBetter’s powerful computing capabilities to analyze all the activities and identify what needs to be fixed. That means significant time and cost savings for you and your company.

Starting at $270*/ Server 

*Monthly, for annual licenses with 1 day history
including OS layer and SQL Server single instance

AimBetter’s unique licensing model is flexible and cost-efficient.
You can tailor your costs based on data retention and analysis periods, up to 30 days, and switch between servers and plans anytime.
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AimBetter analyzes and display in a single place
the information from all the SQL Server environment layers

1. System – The Operating System layer, Windows or Linux.

2. Resources – The server´s resources, including CPU, memory, hard disk, and network.

3. SQL Server – The SQL Server Database Management System.

4. Queries – The queries running in the Database System.

5. Processes –  The interaction between the Database System and its different types of clients (real users and system automation) through the processes initiated by these clients’ applications.

6. Logs – The logs mechanism that communicates events and errors occurring constantly on the system.


All Server Statuses By Severity

Quickly identify and address the most urgent cases.

Scroll over the bars and discover the current challenges to be addressed

Choose which servers to focus on by selecting the hierarchical layer (All, Company, Host, or Server)

Get details in seconds by clicking on the status bar

Queries Analysis with Improvement Recommendations

Real-time comprehensive analysis of all queries

Identify blocking queries with users’ details

Multiple filtering options (duration, code, alert type, and more)

Recommendations for missing index and plan improvements

Queries’ execution plans deep analysis

Resource usage analysis (CPU, memory, execution count, Disk I/O, and Cache).

Hundreds of Built-in Performance Metrics

Real-time alerts 24/7

Understand all the SQL Server environment health through over 300 critical system metrics

Investigate resource consumption going back to any specific time

Easily compare metrics during different periods

All Events and Changes Easy Tracking

Keep updated on any changes like software installation and updates, database creation, service status changes, and more

View all the exceptions in both OS and SQL levels with details of when they happened, who was the user, and their description

Recognize abnormal behavior such as login attempts that may pose a serious security breach

Follow up Database backups and their rightful execution

Understand all the causes and victims from deadlocks

AimBetter stands out for:

Real-Time Diagnosis

Sys-DB-App-Client Cross-information analysis

Pinpoints the root cause in real-time

Proactive smart notifications

Shortens the Troubleshooting time

ML continuous improvement

Automatically detects code, security, data loss issues, and much more

Powerful DBA Capabilities

Millions of queries analysis/minute

Execution plan analysis and download

Plan improvement recommendations

Index recommendations

Top resource-consuming queries

Optimal maintenance of DB Growth & Backups

Seamless Integration

5-minute Installation

Friendly & Intuitive for all the IT Team

Ready to Use Solution

100% SaaS, no System Overhead

Hundreds of Built-in Metrics

Scalable, great for Enterprise and SMBs

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