Real Time Queries Live for SQL Server

Proactive SQL Servers Management

AimBetter Real-Time Queries Live for SQL Server is a cost-effective solution that enables you to proactively manage multiple SQL Servers and identify bottlenecks in real time.

Real-Time Queries Live includes real-time capabilities to monitor database activities – queries –  and identify bottlenecks, enabling a proactive approach guaranteeing stable systems. It is an affordable tool that adds valuable insights into what impacts SQL Server-based systems in a user-friendly interface that can manage multiple instances in a single place.

With AimBetter’s flexible licensing model, it is also easy to upgrade this package to the RTPS: Real-Time Problems Solving solution at any time.

Starting at $110*/ Database Server 

*Monthly, for annual licenses with 1 day history
including OS layer and SQL Server single instance


Prevent Disruptions with Real-Time Control

Multiple Database Servers Metrics

Selected metrics about each Database Server: OS version, Last Windows Update, CPU Usage, Total Memory, Free Memory, Disk Usage, Disk Busy, Last Restart.

Insight into Database Activities

Understand bottlenecks and what is blocking users or running for too long.
Multiple filters are available: Blocking, queries with Open Transaction, Max Duration, CPU time, Disk I/O, and more.

Issues Tracking

A friendly dashboard allows you to see all the notifications for the last hour in one place, in addition to the e-mail. You can also go back to some previous hour.

AimBetter stands out for:

Real-Time Diagnosis

Sys-DB-App-Client Cross-information analysis

Pinpoints the root cause in real-time

Proactive smart notifications

Shortens the Troubleshooting time

ML continuous improvement

Automatically detects code, security, data loss issues, and much more

Powerful DBA Capabilities

Millions of queries/minute

Execution plan analysis and download

Plan improvement recommendations

Missing index suggestions

Top resource-consuming queries

Followup on DB growth and Backups for optimal maintenance

Seamless Integration

5-minute Installation

Friendly & Intuitive for all the IT Team

Ready to Use Solution

100% SaaS, no System Overhead

Hundreds of Built-in Metrics

Scalable, great for Enterprise and SMBs

Features Comparison
AimBetter RTLV: Real-Time Live Queries vs. RTPS: Real-Time Problems Solving

AimBetter Features Comparison
Home + Email Notification
Live and Previous Hour (according to retention)
Basic Performance Metrics Alerts – CPU Usage, Free Memory, Disk Usage
Advanced Performance Metrics Alerts – more than 100 Performance Metrics
Queries Alerts – Blocking/ Long-running/ Open-transaction
Basic DB & Backup Maintenance Alerts – Full Backup, Log Backup, Diff Backup, Log Oversize, Data Growth, Log Growth
Advanced DB & Backup Maintenance Alerts
Failure Events Alerts – Observer Module Events
Basic DB Status Alerts – DB Status (suspect/recovering/etc.), Drop/Create/Restore DB
Advanced Status Alerts
Service Not Running Alert
Suspicious Process Alert
Change Tracking Alert – Installations, Upgrades, Resources addition/subtraction, Service status changes, DB creation/deletion, OS Configuration changes, and more
Performance Module – System
Host Tab – Basic Metrics – OS Version, Windows Update Date, Last Restart, Total Memory, Disk Usage
Including graphs for the retention period of: CPU Usage, Free Memory
Host Tab – Additional Metrics
Network Tab
Disk Tab
Paging Tab
Services Tab
Process Tab
Images Tab
Analyze Tab
Performance Module – Database
Oracle Tab
DB Tab
Wait Stats Tab
Queries Module Live / History
Text Search Filters
Condition Filters: Blocking, Open-Transaction, Long-Running, Max Duration, Disk I/O, CPU, and more
Extend column on the default
Get Plan
Plan Improvement Recommendation
Missing Index Recommendation
Client-side Process
Client-side CPU
Queries QAnalyze
Top CPU-consuming queries
Queries Execution Count
Queries Average/ Total Duration
Queries Average/ Total Cache Usage
Queries Disk Usage/ IO
Queries Total Rows
Plan Improvement Recommendation
Missing Index Recommendation
Get Plan
Observer Module
OS Activity – Windows Events, ERP Events, Applications Events, etc.
SQL Activity – Permission Violation, Login Events, Data loss Events, Code Errors, etc.
SQL Backup Details – Time, Path, Size, Device, Status, etc.
Change Tracking Logs: Software updates, DB Creation/Deletion, Service Status changes, Resource capacity changes, etc.
SQL Code Exception
Web Module


SQL Server SOS Scenario

For one major company, suddenly all their printers stalled. Think of what’s happening to all…

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