SQL Server SOS Scenario

For one major company, suddenly all their printers stalled. Think of what’s happening to all the users who are now stuck because their transactions cannot finish. Frozen screens and ballooning log files all make solving the problem a critical priority. How many work hours are now distracted and lost if calculating the man-hours affected by this jam with the old traditional methods of fixing such an issue?

The Old-Fashioned Approach

Knowing where to start is vital, but issues like this can have many, many causes. Getting to the root cause of the issue can take time and advanced skills, involving DBAs and management in concentrated efforts.

The typical approach to this issue could involve some of the following actions:

  • Go check the printers physically
  • Check for cabling issues
  • Check network signal
  • Restart computers/servers
  • Check corrupt install files
  • Send an email to all users who printed to try printing again

The time spent on any of the following tasks is a waste of time for any organization. And unfortunately, this is how business is conducted today in too many offices worldwide. The good news is that a good managerial decision holds the ability to prevent such situations from ever occurring. The decision to apply smart technologies in various aspects of the business can greatly impact the performance of organizations. AimBetter, a performance booster for most CIOs and IT managers, has proven itself incalculable in this recent scenario.

The AimBetter Approach: Saving Time & Money

Boosting performance is not our slogan by accident.  The AimBetter approach is a truly revolutionary and preferred approach to managing SQL Server environments by ALL AimBetter clients who are currently enjoying our service. Instead of running around in search of solutions (while holding entire offices hostage), AimBetter immediately identifies and alerts of problems while suggesting solutions in real-time. The bread and butter of AimBetter lie in its ability to detect abnormal behavior and to display all the relevant details on a single comprehensive dashboard.

As a manager of an IT department or CIO, which approach is better for business? The old-fashion and disruptive method described above, or the advanced real-time alert?


Here we can pinpoint that one user’s query is performing a massive loading process onto the documents table, which is related to a print operation, causing more than 30 other users to lock. Furthermore, all other transactions are frozen, locking the log file – causing it to explode to 18 gigabytes.

What’s clear from this is that troubleshooting days are no longer the same. No hectic ‘investigations’ are needed into network load, application restarts, or server reboots. The best part of all this, the printing process returned to normal just like that. Clients receive advanced and sophisticated real-time insight via the AimBetter client for preventative steps to be applied for future occurrences.

Identifying and resolving the printer issue was just one function that our system easily detected. AimBetter provides management with critical insight into various features to identify even the most complex of all issues. The system monitors and tracks the entire environment for:

  • Data loss
  • Performance issues
  • Stalled queries
  • Server overloads
  • Network blockages
  • Software malfunctions
  • Bugs in software packages
  • Provides an instant comparison of history (30 days)

And there are many more features of course. For more technical detail, just visit the website.


AimBetter is also powered by highly sophisticated DBA’s who are all experts in the fields. Premium customers with extended needs (beyond the AimBetter monitoring utility) enjoy monthly maintenance on their networks for maximum optimization. Experts monitor client’s servers 24/7 and treat all issues live as issues are realized, allowing organizations to operate smoothly, uninterrupted, and focused on their own company objectives, not resolving issues. This added value is equivalent to installing an auto-pilot to a car…where the driver no longer needs to pay attention to the road as the car self-drives to the destination. And worth mentioning, AimBetter technical support team is currently monitoring over 700 environments daily and fix the most complex issues known to organizations on a daily basis.

Many well-known organizations such as FiverrNaotDiplomat, and Priority (just to name a few) are already trusting AimBetter to get the job done, enjoying the next-generation utility for managing their IT environment.

No hardware, no commitments, no risk.

Lessons for Management

If your printer ran into such an error, which mode of operation handles damage control better? The old-fashioned approach or the efficient, accurate, and advanced option offered by AimBetter?

Need our expertise?

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