• AimBetter guarantees complete security of your on-site data
  • No data content is passed between your site and the AimBetter processing center
  • AimBetter guarantees the integrity of your site. There is no channel for data to be uploaded into your location from our service.
  • AimBetter uses leading-edge data encryption technology in all traffic movement between your site and our center.
  • AimBetter’s own data center is protected physically and logically to prevent access except by authenticated users.
  • Access to our service is restricted to authenticated users, with measures to detect and prevent attempted hacking.


AimBetter Privacy Statement

Welcome to AimBetter’s privacy notice. Introduction: AimBetter respects your privacy and is committed to protecting your personal data. This privacy…

Agent Viewing List

As part of AimBetter’s Zero Trust policy, our agent access is restricted to the Data layer architecture level only, having…

GDPR Compliance

I declare that I have checked AimBetter ltd and Ryltech Ltd for GDPR compliance. The companies take certain steps to show that they are in compliance for GDPR, such as

AimBetter Security

AimBetter is committed to the security of our own and our customers’ data. As part
of this commitment, we use a variety of leading-edge security technologies and
procedures to help protect your
information from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure.

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SECURITY AND DATA PROTECTION AimBetter is committed to the security of our own and our customers’ data and the safety…

ISO 27001

We are proud to announce that AimBetter has recently completed the ISO 27001 Compliance process, the first step in our…