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AimBetter is opening the door for global partners and invites you to be part of our growing family of SQL Server and Oracle database management specialists. With AimBetter, you can offer your existing and new customers the use of our leading-edge technology to make their database operations simpler, safer, and more efficient. So, who are you? Database Administration service provider, a general IT solution company, SAP/Priority distributor, or BI developer’s ERP leader… With AimBetter you will become the ‘first responder’ for any SQL consumer that suffers from database problems

Extend your market penetration with the AimBetter package

Our partners around the world get unique marketing opportunities both for their existing customers and to extend into new areas. We teach you how to use AimBetter, and supply you with all the tools so you will see the whole picture of your customer’s SQL Server and Oracle environments. You can act effectively as the first level of support, with our full technical support backing you up. Now all that is left is to solve any customer problem and advise them on improvements that can smooth their whole operation. 

Discover the AimBetter partner’s benefits of exclusive price licenses and 24/7 NOC Services. We also offer discounted prices for our specialist DBA services in case of any need for advanced diagnosis and remedy. Fast and better service from you will open the door for more customer recommendations and more revenue.


As a leading company that develops technological solutions for the business market and specializes in remote performance management, we always strive to improve and deepen the added value to our customers, especially our end users: managers, IT teams members, and DBAs.

AimBetter is a smart system in constant development, learning from the daily challenges faced by IT professionals, from the smallest problems to the critical ones that can disable an entire business.
As part of the IT Industry, your company can certainly benefit a lot from having an innovative, powerful, and affordable solution for your clients.

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