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COVID-19 Fintech Impact

COVID-19 carries significant financial implications, both direct and indirect. In order to support affected financial institutions the Tech Hub has compiled a digital catalogue of Israeli Fintech/Insurtech solutions designed to address the pressing needs of the industry. Please see below and feel free to get in touch with us if you’d like to hear more about companies’ solutions.

AimBetter provides companies and organizations that rely on SQL Server RDBMS a complete, effective, and affordable database monitoring solution that we believe is applicable to a major sector of the UK economy.
SQL Server is one of the most popular database platforms for businesses of all sizes in the UK, ranking third overall but probably even higher in SMB where it outshines the others, as they are geared for massive government and corporate entities.
Our established customer base covers more than 600 companies/organizations in 12 countries, and we offer parallel business models for UK entities: – for direct sales to individual customers, for partnerships inside specific target markets that will on-sell our services, and for service providers who can establish their own service centers, sharing our established software portfolio and development expertise.
UK businesses relying on SQL Server need solutions that are agile and responsive and bring with them full capability in the need for absolutely complete cybersecurity. AimBetter offers the most modern, affordable, cost-effective, and complete service solution that will meet all these needs. For the full post

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