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data information knowledge decisions action AimBetter watches out for you every step of the way, providing solutions.

Data has to be organized properly to become useful.  SQL is one of the most useful tools for doing this, but brings a need for technical control that most SMB businesses lack.


Information on which you base your business decisions needs to be complete, accurate, secure and up-to-date.  This makes management of your database a high-priority component of your whole operation.


Knowledge is the key to getting the best out of your information. You know your business best – leave the management of data up to the experts who know SQL Server.


Business decisions must be based on verified and analyzed data. Good practice demands that this information meets the required levels of accuracy, timeliness and security. You can only achieve this with  proper management of the database.


Finally, the future of your operations depends on you being able to take action based on the right information. Any weaknesses in the path that gets you from your raw data to your decisions will damage the quality of your actions. Why take the risk, when help is at hand?

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How does AimBetter help you?

AimBetter provides a complete service that builds a secure shield around your whole data operation. Step-by-step and  minute-by-minute. We take care of  it all.

We will keep expert watch over your whole environment, collecting and analyzing more than 400 separate metrics on your physical and logical data components. With our deep knowledge of how SQL Server is supposed to behave,  nothing escapes attention.

Working from our comprehensive dashboard, we are immediately alerted to anything needing attention. Rapid response is the keyword! No time wasted hunting. Whatever requires action is visible on a single screen. All relevant people are notified via email and SMS to get action.

We know not just what’s happening  now.  With a complete history, we can go back in time to pick out the point where a problem started.  This takes the guess-work out of corrective actions. Every part of the environment is visible.

Responding is a three-step process – get a notification; quickly understand all the details; take the necessary action. AimBetter brings all of these together for you at a single point …. SEE the problem, FIND the cause, and FIX it.

"The depth and ease-of-use of the AimBetter monitoring services enables us to analyze all aspects of the performance of the SQL Server environment."

Boaz de Haan, Excelando Ltd Read their endorsement

"Until we had AimBetter’s help, the difficulty was in identifying the problem query. Now, the simple diagnosis came from AimBetter in just a few minutes."

Dan Ben Amar, CEO/Founder of Rapid Image Ltd Read their endorsement

"AimBetter allows me and our network manager to view the status from any device. But where AimBetter truly shines is in its comprehensible display of the data."

Hanan Eyal, IT Manager, Ginegar Read their endorsement

"We strongly recommend AimBetter’s advanced monitoring application and professional service, which has succeeded in making a significant change in the DBA field for Teva Naot"

by Gali Blumberg, IT Manager – Naot Read their endorsement

"Before installing AimBetter, our databases were like a black hole. Now we have a clear view of what’s going on inside."

by Menachem Genut, V.P Information Systems Read their endorsement
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