AimBetter for SAP Environments

AimBetter has introduced new metrics and alerts that improve control in SAP database environments.

What is new for SAP?

We at AimBetter have worked closely with our SAP customers to broaden the range of tools available to their database administrators by identifying where established SAP BASIS transaction codes do not exist for occurring events in the real world. Our aim is to raise notification of these conditions up our console, rather than requiring considerable drill-down action by administrators. In this way, appropriate action can be taken quickly and efficiently.

The AimBetter SAP-specific features

SAP APP Lost Connection

A SAP application component has closed in an unexpected manner.

SAP User Lost Connection

A user logged-in to SAP has had his or her connection to the database server terminated unexpectedly. The alert provides details of the event – user name & hostname.

SAP App Dump

A SAP component has been manually aborted. Alert provides information on the run-time process and actual error number.

SAP Delete Lock Entry

A SAP user may accidentally cancel a data lock set by another user. This may result in data loss. The alert provides details of the event’s name.

SAP Database Error

A SAP application component has closed unexpectedly due to invalid data or database exception.

SAP Debug Change

Alerts are raised in cases where processes are set to run in debug mode in the production environment.

AimBetter features

From one console, you can view multiple server metrics handling a complete range of system and application processes. Now, by adding a range of system-specific and SAP-specific metrics, AimBetter keeps watch on the total environment and allows administrators to pro-actively manage any detected drift from optimal performance. If any of the monitored measures crosses predefined threshold levels set by you, an alert is raised calling for attention and action. This means that focus is on points of potential performance impact at all time and reactions are fast and effective.

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