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Our awesome company

AimBetter is all about maximizing efficiency and minimizing downtime in Database management and Application performance. Our advanced system offers precise diagnostics across Web, Database, and System layers, enabling quick pinpointing of issues without the need for extensive DBA intervention or a DevOps code performance debug.

This not only reduces operational costs but significantly speeds up recovery times, ensuring that your business remains active and productive.

AimBetter is not just a tool – it’s your partner in maintaining continuous activity, reducing the need for human intervention, and allowing you to focus on growth. With real-time insights and proactive issue resolution, AimBetter keeps you a step ahead in managing your IT environment efficiently.


Birth of a dream

Released the first version of the product with wide acceptance in the market. The system’s success stories are starting to be heard and bring wide interest from DBA experts and IT companies. AimBetter presents a unique hybrid solution that does not require any investment in infrastructure and also provides a flexible, effective and user-friendly product.


Keep Dreaming

The AimBetter solution is introduced for BDO GROUP – DIPLOMAT which immediately bought multiple licenses. AimBetter starts to get strong positive feedback from customers, resulting in a faster growth rate than expected and the company makes adjustments to fit the product for many thousands of server instances. Now it’s time to scale-up the dream.


Priority ERP Leader

The collaboration with Priority opens the door to thousands of potential new customers. This was the year many SMB companies first became aware of the AimBetter system. We demonstrate to many businesses the significant improvement in both SQL Server and ERP, MRP, CRM, WMS applications supported by SQL that AimBetter can produce. Priority, fully supported by AimBetter, continues to lead the ERP systems market and we are proud and grateful for this partnership and trust.


AimBetter is a game-changer

2017 is the year when AimBetter becomes the ‘best-of-breed’ in the SQL monitor field! The company strengthens the service department, implements changes to improve the customer experience, creates a full user guide and an advanced employee’s training program. AimBetter develops more product-specific features that allows our DBA teams to respond in real-time while connecting quickly to the customer. What a fantastic year, helping us to believe that we’re capable of even more!


AimBetter receives a passport

The system is now starting to sell in the US, Brazil, Thailand, Canada, Poland, the Netherlands, and the Czech Republic with the help of our business partners and distributors around the world (MSP). Alongside revenue growth, the company starts a 24/7 dedicated service that will answer every customer anytime, anywhere. By the end of that year, the product was active in 10 countries.


AimBetter gets superpowers

The Business Development division was established. The company starts to establish strong relationships with government agencies and raise budgets to develop broad infrastructure that will allow it to grow in the international market alongside the local buildup. The AimBetter system expands its capabilities and for the first time gets access to large cloud-based platforms such as AZURE DATABASE \ MANAGE INSTANCE \ AMAZON RDS. The company launches a mobile app to give the customers ability to stay connected in real-time from any location.


We are recognized as essential!

With COVID-19 affecting many companies’ abilities to function with reduced workforce, the Manufacturers’ Association of Israel declared AimBetter to be an essential organization for the day-to-day management of information systems. AimBetter also gained recognition as an Israeli government supplier for software innovation services. The company was allocated funds in order to implement its growth strategy.


Growing Again!

AimBetter started a collaboration with Oracle a  database giant, making the AimBetter platform accessible to all Oracle customers around the world. The company began to implement a strategy of forging relationships with partners in different countries in order to build a global network of channel partners.

AimBetter received recognition from Microsoft and was added to the Microsoft Azure Marketplace enabling companies around the world to enjoy faster, higher performing servers with less downtime.


Global Expansion

AimBetter has commenced its global expansion with the addition of multiple new countries and companies as partners selling our great products. AimBetter has also added the pioneer of the open market for reusable software components company.


R&D focus

Parallel to the business and marketing growth, our R&D team was enlarged, giving a significant push to the development of the AimBetter platform’s capabilities. An additional environment, Linux, started to be supported and multiple new features were added.

The Founders

AimBetter Team | Yehuda Lasri - CEO and Co-Founder

Yehuda Lasri

CEO and Co-Founder

Yehuda had long dreamed of developing a database management system that would provide a special solution for SMB’s so every client is able to manage like an expert.
Yehuda is a long-standing guru in database optimization and BI systems development. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Mathematics.

In 2015, Yehuda merged two companies, AimBetter, and Ryltech IT & DBA Services. The union has created for the first time an A-Z solution for our customers. In his spare time, he loves to play basketball with his friends.

AimBetter Team | Alon Vodovoz - VP R&D and Co-Founder

Alon Vodovoz

VP R&D and Co-Founder

Alon together with Yehuda established AimBetter in 2013. They started dreaming of the AimBetter solution, a SaaS product that they have been constantly improving and upgrading ever since. Alon manages the R&D team and ensures that AimBetter will continue to provide the best solution to our customers. From age 10, Alon began developing applications and he constantly upgrades his extensive expertise in database management and infrastructure.
Alon has a degree in computer science from Jerusalem Uni. In his spare time, he loves watching sports.

The Management

Dvir Amsalem

Chief Operating Officer

Dvir is AimBetter’s COO, in charge of all the business operations, leading the professional and skilled DBAs team to provide our customers the best support.

Immediately after completing his bachelor’s degree in computer science, Dvir joined the support of AimBetter in its early years and has since progressed in various positions until his current position.

“I really like the family feeling in our company, the open mind to changes and the continuous desire for improvement and professionalism.”

In his free time, he likes music, sports and having fun with his family and friends.

Tsafrir Lahav

VP of Sales

As a worldwide sales expert specializing in B2B and B2B2C, Safrir brings a wealth of knowledge in industries ranging from cybersecurity and IT to fintech, climate-tech, and healthcare.

He’s been a Team leader @8200 and also a co-founder of high-tech ventures, Correlata and ITAnalyzer, with a proven track record in territory management.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Safrir is a passionate advocate for animal rights and welfare. He co-founded Noah, serving as its first Vice-Chairman, and actively champions causes against animal experiments and in support of the renewed Animal Cruelty Act.

Judith Roizman

Head of Marketing and Training

Judith joined AimBetter after years in the Israeli Innovation realm, specializing in scouting cutting-edge technologies for international companies.

As a dynamic and innovative scaling-up company, AimBetter offered her the perfect opportunity to switch sides and be part of an amazing Israeli start-up. With a focus on strengthening its marketing capabilities, it perfectly matched Judith’s goals and skill set.

With a BSc in Industrial Engineering and Management from the Technion, Judith enjoys family time and reading in her free moments.


Our Clients

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