AimBetter on the GSA USA Federal Portal

February 2024

We are thrilled to announce the availability of our groundbreaking RTPS: Real-Time Problems Solving solution on the GSA USA Federal Portal. This marks a significant milestone in our commitment to delivering efficient and effective solutions to government agencies and organizations.

With the inclusion of our RTPS SaaS platform on the GSA portal, about 31k agencies and organizations in the USA now have the opportunity to access our innovative problem-solving solution without the need for a tender process. Purchasing AimBetter solutions has never been easier, providing a streamlined experience for government entities seeking immediate and real-time solutions for their IT/ DB/ Security/ Sys needs.

The GSA USA Federal Portal serves as a trusted platform for USA government agencies and organizations to access a wide range of products and services. AimBetter’s presence on the portal provides a convenient and efficient avenue for government entities to procure without a tender, AimBetter real-time IT/DB/Security/Sys RTPS solution.

AimBetter’s unique RTPS: Real-Time Problem-Solving SaaS solution is a game-changing innovation in the realm of Federal IT performance optimization. By pinpointing online the root cause & automatically presenting solving recommendations, AimBetter RTPS empowers government agencies with the tools they need to enhance efficiency, mitigate downtime incidents, and revolutionize their IT, database, and systems performance.

🚀 How does AimBetter achieve this?

✅Real-Time Problem Solving (RTPS): AimBetter’s advanced capabilities provide real-time insights into the health and performance of IT systems, databases, and applications. By continuously analyzing key metrics and identifying potential issues proactively, agencies can address problems before they escalate, minimizing downtime incidents and ensuring uninterrupted operations.

Intelligent Alerting: Our intelligent alerting system notifies IT teams of any anomalies or performance degradation in real-time, enabling swift action to resolve issues promptly. By streamlining the incident response process, AimBetter helps agencies maintain optimal system performance and prevent disruptions that can impact critical operations.

✅Predictive Analytics: AimBetter leverages predictive analytics to forecast potential issues and trends based on insights from real-time data, empowering agencies to take proactive measures to prevent downtime incidents and optimize performance. By anticipating challenges and implementing preventive measures, agencies can enhance their overall IT resilience and reliability.

✅Performance Optimization: With AimBetter’s comprehensive performance optimization tools and automatic online RTPS capabilities that include pinpointing the root cause & automatically presenting solving recommendations, agencies can fine-tune their IT infrastructure, databases, and systems to operate at peak efficiency. By identifying and addressing bottlenecks, optimizing configurations, and streamlining processes, agencies can achieve higher performance levels and reduce the risk of downtime incidents.

AimBetter has established a strong client base comprising a wide range of organizations across various sectors. From governmental bodies like the Italian government to enterprises in insurance, healthcare, and finance, AimBetter provides tailored solutions to meet diverse industry needs. Among its clientele are well-known multinational corporations, including Amazon, Verifone, Burger King, and H&M, reflecting AimBetter’s capacity to address the requirements of both established and emerging businesses.

🌐 Join us in our mission to transform Federal IT performance and drive operational excellence across government agencies. With AimBetter’s RTPS SaaS solution, agencies can elevate their IT capabilities, minimize downtime incidents, and unlock new possibilities for innovation and growth.

GSA Advantage Portal – AimBetter Products

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