Remote DBA Services

Top-tier On-demand Expert DBA Services

Our expert DBA team maximizes the AimBetter platform’s benefits by translating comprehensive visibility and valuable insights into actionable solutions.

With years of experience handling hundreds of daily cases, we excel in resolving DBA issues efficiently.

From big enterprises with an in-house DBA expert to SMBs that outsource their needed DBA services, our clients testify how having AimBetter Remote DBA Services brings them assurance.

We offer a range of Remote DBA packages tailored to your company’s requirements, starting from a basic 1-hour-a-month plan up to a 24/7 SLA. Our packages are fully flexible, adapting to the evolving needs of your business.

The AimBetter Remote DBA team provides continuous monitoring and problem detection for your database round the clock. We ensure all issues are swiftly addressed before they have a chance to disrupt system functionality.

Starting at $150*/ Hour

*For 20 hours minimum package
Each ticket is charged by minute, not hour.

What our customers say:

Our Services include:

Proactive Maintenance

  • 24/7 monthly maintenance, including automatic monitoring and real-time problem-solving analysis using the AimBetter platform.
  • Support and troubleshooting, assisting all AimBetter users to learn how to best benefit from its powerful capabilities.
  • Creation of maintenance plans for indices, backups, etc.
  • Email alert customization for data-based business processes and/or maintenance issues.
  • Troubleshooting DB-based software systems: Fault detection, providing appropriate long-term solutions.
  • Planning, installation, and SQL Server Upgrades: Design, characterization, installations, and upgrades of SQL-based systems, including servers and systems integration.

Performance Improvement

  • General examination of SQL servers: System alignment and hardening, giving recommendations for improvement, optimization, and hardening servers according to customer requirements.
  • SQL code performance improvement: Performing CR on your system’s SQL code, testing performance, identifying bottlenecks, providing recommendations for improvement, and applying these recommendations at your request.
  • Database performance tuning of ERP systems such as SAP and Priority.
  • Maximization of hardware capabilities for working with SQL: Examining hardware against system requirements, making recommendations for optimal usage with SQL Server.

Database Architecture and Development

  • SQL code Development and improvement: Developing SQL-based applications and improving the SQL code of existing systems.
  • Database Architecture Design: Creation of database architectures and systems according to specific requirements.
  • BI development using tools: SQL platform Reports, ETL processes, OLAP cubes.
  • BI development using SSIS, SSAS, and SSRS: creating ETL processes, OLAP cubes, Data warehouses, Data Marts, reports, and integrating various components.
  • CLR development and expansion of Database capabilities: Access to external resources, expanding capabilities and optimization to improve database performance, setting program access to external sources, and construction of ETL interfaces between different systems.

Security, DR, and Special Projects

  • SQL Server Security and Hardening: Applying security measures using SQL Server security policy, firewalls, working with non-default ports, data encryption, and SQL Server Hardening.
  • DR (Data Recovery) solutions and Server synchronization using SQL: Writing and implementing DRP processes, building and maintenance of survival processes such as Mirroring and replications, using synchronization between Clusters and servers by SQL.
  • Data Warehouse Design and Development: Characterization, planning, implementation, development, and maintenance of DWH.
  • Representation in front of software houses: Professional representation of DBA experts.
  • Outsourcing of DBA services for large and small projects.
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