RTPS Platform

Automatic identification 24/7 of the root cause of IT systems issues in real time.

Comprehensive RTPS: Real-Time Problem-Solving solution

Automatically pinpoints the root cause of IT Systems issues in real time
AimBetter's intuitive dashboards provide a holistic view, supporting organizations to identify online the root cause issues.


Real-time 24/7 Diagnosis
Automatic 24/7 diagnosis, sending alerts before users feel the problem or affect the company’s performance.
SAAS Cloud-based
Data and analytics are stored in our cloud, so it does not load the client’s system.
Security and Data protection
Enables detection of different security threats and their exact source in a short time adding to the company’s protection tools.
Small and quick installation
One light installation for all the servers in the same domain (“agentless”).
Via Web browser & Mobile app
Get access and be notified from anywhere, opening as many tabs as you want to see different views simultaneously.
Proprietary AI
Artificial Intelligence developed to execute automatic DBA tasks.
Friendly and intuitive UI
Unique structured UI to provide the best user experience and optimal view with multiple graphs and more than 400 metrics.
Holistic view
Overview of the whole database environment with all its elements in the different layers. Hardware, System, Network, Applications, Exceptions, Queries, and Web traffic in one place.
Deep insight
Drill into the details whenever you need to understand better some specific issue, all in the same place. We pinpoint the issue and give you the tools to investigate deeply in just minutes.

Platform’s Tabs


Overview of all monitored servers statuses

Quickly identify and address the most urgent cases.

Scroll over the bars and see the current challenges through labels beneath the status bars

Choose which servers to focus on by selecting the hierarchical layers (All, Company, Host, or Server)

Get details in seconds by clicking on the status bar


Detailed view of each element of the Servers’ environment

24/7 Automatic notifications customized to your needs

Understand all the SQL Server environment health through over 400 critical system metrics

Intuitive graphical display of metrics over time

Easily compare metrics during different periods

Investigate resource consumption going back to Logs at any desired time

Waiting stats analysis for a straightforward identification of the source of delays in the system


Queries details and resource usage

Real-time comprehensive analysis of all queries

Identify blocking queries with users’ details

Multiple filtering options

Recommendation for missing index and plan improvement

Execution plan deep analysis

Resource usage analysis (CPU, memory, execution count, Disk I/O, and Cache).


All exceptions, events and backup information

Keep updated on any changes like software installation and updates, database creation, service status changes, and more

View all the exceptions in both OS and SQL levels with details of when they happened, who the user was, the application it originated from, and their description

Recognize abnormal behavior, such as login attempts, that may pose a serious security breach

Follow up easily on the Database backup initiatives and their proper execution.

Understand all the deadlocks causes and victims


Web page requests and response details

Real-time comprehensive analysis of all HTTP requests

Requests’ complete flow detailing the impact of different processes on the response time

Identification of requests issues, including users and application details

Multiple filtering options to focus on what matters most

Header and Body page parameters


Customize notification settings

Define which Servers will be displayed in the user UI

Define Maintenance time to freeze email notifications for a determined period

Set which events will be notified

Edit and configure each alert severity threshold and other parameters

Set additional emails for notifications

AimBetter stands out for:

Real-Time Diagnosis

Sys-DB-App-Client Cross-information analysis

Pinpoints the root cause in real-time

Proactive smart notifications

Shortens the Troubleshooting time

ML continuous improvement

Automatically detects code, security, data loss issues, and much more

Powerful DBA Capabilities

Millions of queries/minute

Execution plan analysis and download

Plan improvement recommendations

Missing index suggestions

Top resource-consuming queries

Followup on DB growth and Backups for optimal maintenance

Seamless Integration

5-minute Installation

Friendly & Intuitive for all the IT Team

Ready to Use Solution

100% SaaS, no System Overhead

Hundreds of Built-in Metrics

Scalable, great for Enterprise and SMBs


Productivity Enhancement


IT Professionals can focus on creative work

Smooth system performance

Management comprehensive view

Better IT Team Cooperation

Improved customer experience

Cost Savings

Save IT professionals time

Save on users’ efficiency

Save on downtime

Increase sales

Save on unnecessary infrastructure addition

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