WebHooks Notifications for Mission Critical Alerts

In today’s IT environment, your infrastructure is likely made up of ERP, ERM, database servers and other systems that need to work together, often in the cloud. Typical data processing activity involves hundreds of thousands of queries, inputs and outputs every second. With complex mission-critical applications, knowing when something goes wrong is important, knowing even before it happens or what caused it has become essential. And that is why we just introduced Webhook notifications.

Your goal is to make sure that all of the components of your system run smoothly and effectively.  Our job is to enable you to be in full control and provide you with peace of mind by finding and fixing performance problems on your servers, often before it becomes a bigger issue.

When an event happens on your system, AimBetter triggers an action and either sends you an alert via email or mobile application or takes the data about the event and sends a payload message to a webhook URL. Webhooks enable you to integrate real-time alerts into your management system. Whether you are using  Nagios, Zabbix, Microsoft, ServiceNow, Salesforce or any other system that supports webhook tools, you can use AimBetter to receive immediate notifications directly into your system.

The AimBetter webhook integration is easy to install and you can be up and running within minutes, ensuring that many different issues, including data loss, security issues, Users who suffer, CPU usage, or server failure, appear in your dashboard. AimBetter’s webhooks can be configured with rules so that specific people receive notifications and at predetermined times, that means you remain in control of the operation at all times. The notifications are fully customizable with rules and you will find that the convenience is one more reason why AimBetter is quickly becoming the tool IT managers rely on.

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