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AimBetter enhances the benefits for our customers using SAP Business One ERP


From the very start, AimBetter has worked closely with users of the SAP Business One ERP software suite who are looking to improve and enhance their results.

How AimBetter can help

Over the years that we have worked with SQL databases, especially with ERP systems like SAP B1, we have accumulated deep knowledge about how databases work. Most importantly, we have developed intelligent analytical tools that can collect all the required information directly from the customer’s environment and produce simple and meaningful visual reports that help both highly-trained database specialists and experienced managers to see exactly what is going on from minute to minute.  Equally importantly, AimBetter has the unique ability to compare current patterns with historical performance so that changes that happen over time are analyzed to reveal what may be hidden “under the hood” of the engine.

Here are some common challenges in SAP B1 environments for which AimBetter brings significant value.

  • Optimization of procedures and performance improvement of standard procedures such as SBO_SP_TransactionNotification and SBO_SP_PostTransactionNotice: AimBetter automatically detects and analyzes code timings that can cause slowdowns, identifies problematic points, and offers solutions for performance improvement.
  • Significant system performance enhancements, addressing Slowdowns and Blocks: With AimBetter, you can reduce incidents like deadlocks and locks that affect SAP Business One’s performance.
  • Improved workflow and long document processing: Through intelligent analysis, AimBetter enhances performance when using FMS and reduces waiting times during lengthy document handling.
  • Enhanced search performance and item management with serials: AimBetter ensures smoother and faster search performance and item management with serial numbers.
  • Prevention of conflicts between add-ons and External Systems, integrating with systems such as BI, WMS, and others: AimBetter identifies and addresses potential conflicts between add-ons and external systems, ensuring smooth operation and preventing additional slowdowns.

With AimBetter, SAP Business One customers can enjoy a more efficient, faster, and cost-effective system. 

Let’s see some screenshots from an SAP Business One client, showing how it is possible to understand, with a click, which login is blocking others, its code, and its details.



This other example shows how syntax errors are easily detected and the actionable insights provided for prompt resolution of the matter.


What you get

  • All designated servers in a single-screen
  • All SQL and Windows operations
  • Identification of all problems, such as long-running queries, blocks, and locks
  • Understanding of possible conflicts such as spools, backups, and virus scans

All from one panel, accessible from any browser!

Gain control – From one central dashboard, you get complete visibility and control over every server, focusing on the important issues. Alerts are displayed on the screen and via email/SMS.

Proof of our experience – Over the years, working closely with many SAP users and responding to their specific needs, Aimbetter’s advanced algorithms and machine learning constantly improve its capabilities to provide actionable insights and faster resolution.

Our guaranteed results:

  • Maximized system performance, user efficiency, and satisfaction
  • Improved information integrity by eliminating possible causes of data loss or corruption
  • Increased system availability by working as a warning system, detecting pending problems before they impact users. Become
  • Proactive instead of reactive

PLUS support by our highly-trained specialists working with you as your virtual DBAs’. Together, these allow you to concentrate on what you need to do best – manage your business, not your data!

The importance of getting ERP working properly

According to a 2018 report from Panorama, 28 percent of respondents described their ERP software implementation as a “failure.” That’s a two percent increase from the rate reported in their 2017 study. While nobody has all the answers to why the failure rate is so high, one reason may be that businesses don’t make the best use of what they have, which is why AimBetter can make all the difference.

ERP systems are important to a company because they promote a streamlined workflow and address possible throttle points in day-to-day operations. With a good software solution like SAP B1, it is possible to speed up production and distribution, accommodate variances in demand, eliminate unproductive back-office processes, consolidate data more efficiently, and improve team performance.

ERP is the workhorse that powers almost every aspect of a company’s operations. Therefore, anything that reduces the engine’s efficiency and effectiveness will have a significant negative impact on the company’s bottom line.

Three main areas will influence the profitability of any involvement in ERP:

  • Data quality—Management relies on ERP output to make business decisions, which means that it must be based on reliable data. Good practice demands that this information meet the required levels of accuracy, timeliness, and security. Proper database management is the key to achieving this.
  • Speedy performance – with ERP covering so many aspects of the operation, many people are dependent on the speed with which their system responds to input and queries. Slow performance can have a tremendous impact on the whole business cycle. The ability to react quickly to, and better still,  to prevent slowdowns, blocks, and bottlenecks, can make all the difference between success and failure in business
  • Cost control – ERP is an expensive system, and investment in computer hardware and software can take a significant slice of the budget, so it is important to ensure that maximum use is being made of existing facilities before spending any more.

About SAP Business One

SAP Business One was one of the first dedicated ERP software packages, developed in Israel and recognized by the world leader SAP software giant as an essential component of its range of capabilities, resulting in a buyout of the founding company in 2002. The acquisition allowed SAP to reach out to the small market through its partners and also to gain additional business from the smaller subsidiaries of its enterprise customers.

SAP B1 is a comprehensive, integrated business management system widely used by small and medium-sized companies offering comprehensive capabilities that meet the requirements of a wide range of companies that depend on ERP for their day-to-day operations. ERP  manages primary business functions, including finance, manufacturing, logistics, human resources, time and attendance, business intelligence, project management, CRM, customer service, and support.

SAP is one of the leading ERP vendors worldwide. We at AimBetter work closely with SAP customers to provide comprehensive systems and database management tools.

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