Rony Shoshani, Operations Manager at Priority Software

“AimBetter represents NextGen database monitoring – providing powerful cloud tools to identify problems on the spot.”

by Roni Sasonni, Operations Manager at Priority

Read about the collaboration between a global player, Priority, with AimBetter

At Priority, we understand that ERP should not be complicated and so do our 7500 customers and 300,000 users in 50 countries. The company was established in 1986 to develop an increasingly robust technology platform that delivers flexible, scalable and highly intuitive ERP solutions to an organization of all sizes.

Priority was one of the first ERP software vendors to fully support cloud SaaS. Our company employs developers, programmers, project managers and customer support professionals to back our customers’ growing needs and demands. We set on a project to seek out the best SaaS monitoring solution to cover both our centralized and decentralized servers across the world.

We clearly knew that certain features are a must and most monitoring solutions included them by default. Understanding the increased productivity that effective monitoring can deliver, we went one step further by asking ourselves what our true needs were. After several meetings, we narrowed them down as follows:

  • It must monitor all critical data points and components of our centralized and decentralized databases, yet be easily managed from a central place with easy access across devices
  • It should be intelligent enough to recognize abnormal behavioral patterns or suspicious changes in activity
  • It should be functional enough to assist our IT department to improve the overall performance of our network
  • It should serve our systems managers and developers as a useful tool for supporting and maintaining large groups of servers

“AimBetter helps us proactively resolve problems, many times before any damage is done. This is largely thanks to its superb ability to identify threats and to make all the data readily available to quickly fix the problem. From now on, we get all the data we need in real time. This means we can maximize the app performance of our over 1000 SaaS customers while better responding to their customer care needs.”

AimBetter’s cloud solution offered some other clear advantages that proved to be of high benefit in our day to day operations:

  • Excellent segmentation tools
  • Friendly and easy to learn
  • Provides crucial info on bottlenecks and overloads
  • Insightful analytics covering database servers, infrastructure, and installed applications code
  • Ability to recognize errors in queries and more

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