Itay Zeman, CIO at Brinks Israel

“AimBetter provides us with operational peace of mind.” “Before AimBetter, our DBA services were fast and professional, but we were already in the midst of a problem. While having a skilled DBA is great, I prefer avoiding issues altogether and working smoothly.”
by Itay Zeman CIO & CTO at Brinks – Israel


“During the Corona period, Brinks managed to meet its goals to become more efficient and switch to technology-based services in 75% of the company’s activities. A significant part of this success can be attributed to AimBetter DBA Services, which was chosen to manage Brinks databases and improve system performance.”
“The IT capabilities of Brinks directly impact the quality of service we provide to our customers. When I took office, we realized that managing personal computers was outdated. We virtualized end stations with VDI and thin clients based on Citrix. Thus, with the outbreak of the coronavirus crisis, we were able to prepare for remote work within hours. As an essential business, we have a duty to ensure continuity and provide 24/7 services. Therefore, control systems that deliver quick and accurate information are critical. We use one of the most sophisticated internal SHOB systems available, along with AimBetter’s system, which helps identify and resolve issues and improve server performance.”


AimBetter’s DBA team improved Brink’s systems performance dramatically in several aspects:
– Enhancing processes that previously took hours and now run smoothly.
– Improving the performance of terminal work with the server, replications, and backups.
– Detecting issues quickly with Citrix application connectivity, helping to resolve problems efficiently.

Brinks has been using the Priority system for over a decade, and AimBetter is definitely the DBA service supplier that provides us with the most peace of mind at the database level. Over the past year, we have expanded the number of databases managed through AimBetter due to their high capabilities. As a CIO, I value operational peace of mind and the time freed up for new initiatives.

The beauty of AimBetter is that they not only solve problems in real-time but also help us improve. Many times, we received an alert from the system even before our users complained. The service that is perhaps most important to us is the hotline, which initiates calls to inform us of a malfunction even before the user notices it. This service gives me, as CIO, operational peace of mind and time to focus on developing new products rather than troubleshooting.

The AimBetter system allows us to identify abnormal behavior and recommend solutions. Aimbetter’s excellent professionals manage the system, providing us with tools and knowledge to improve our operations with maximum availability. In my opinion, merely responding to malfunctions (every company does this) is not sufficient; the uniqueness of AimBetter’s service lies in its proactive approach to remedying issues.

Brinks always strives to stay ahead of technological progress. Our operations are currently spread across six logistics centers in Israel, enabling us to provide fast services to hundreds of commercial customers. We handle transactions worth around one billion shekels daily. Of course, our activities comply with the guidelines of the Israel Police and Brinks Global. I recommend companies to experience AimBetter’s high capabilities and focus on developing and promoting their business, rather than searching for and addressing faults.”

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