Shay Fridman, IT Manager at ISS ISRAEL

“AimBetter provides us with reliable and actionable indicators to quickly eliminate real threats in real-time.”

by Shay Fridman, IT Manager ISS – Global leader in facility services


Voted the best outsourcing company 2014 by IAOP, ISS is one of the largest facility service providers in the world. Catering to all types of organizations, it offers solutions in cleaning, property and support services, security and catering. With a proven track record extending over a century, over 500,000 employees and thousands of steady customers worldwide, ISS is known for its quick customized response to its changing customer’s needs.

AimBetter was a smart move for ISS Israel
Managing the IT and logistics of such a large organization takes monumental resources. Consequently, local activities are managed at the local country level. Our Israeli subsidiary has 8,500 employees piloted AimBetter after hearing about it from one of our suppliers who implemented it and was pleased with the results.

Immediate benefits and results
The installation was very smooth with no complicated integration or hardware necessary. After using the AimBetter software for nearly a year, I can safely say that it has helped us in several ways:

  • An early and clear indication of problems helps us take action in time
  • We use it as a command and control system for the entire company
  • When a problem is recognized, it helps us immediately trace its source

All in all, AimBetter turned out to be a powerful tool for discovering potential problems. Companies that rely on multiple databases can clearly benefit from AimBetter’s monitoring solution to enhance their customer satisfaction and day-to-day operations.

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