Oranit Gerafi, ISM at Global Roto Sheka

“Before AimBetter, we weren’t aware of our need to maintain our databases. Now with queries running faster and indices intact thanks to AimBetter, our performance and response have improved significantly.”

by Oranit Gerafi, Information Systems Manager, Global Roto Sheka


Global Roto Sheka

Global Roto Sheka – Advanced industrial packaging solutions
Global is a local market leader with more than three decades of experience delivering the highest quality custom packaging solutions for diverse industries worldwide, including food, medicine, cosmetics, and construction. The company takes pride in its superb quality control standards and procedures which employ the latest ERP and smart business solutions.

The need for database maintenance
AimBetter was first brought to our attention by our IT manager, who heard about AimBetter from a client-facing similar issues that required database maintenance to resolve. For years, we relied on Intentia, the local Israeli representative of Infor’s ERP and smart business solutions. While we were satisfied with such a robust solution trusted by more than 70,000 customers worldwide, prior to installing AimBetter, we were not aware of the negative impact that problematic queries have on the performance of our overall system.

AimBetter keeps our overloads in check
Global is actually Intentia’s first client to implement the AimBetter solution. After a relatively quick integration, we were able to monitor and identify problematic queries and improve the corresponding indices which caused delays. Now we get prompt alerts of any potential issues directly from AimBetter. This allows us to more effectively and rapidly respond to potential issues that can lead to disk overload. With Intentia’s systems now running more smoothly and uninterrupted in the backend, performance has been improved across our organization – contributing to product quality, customer service, and our bottom line.

The strength is in AimBetter’s simple interface
In addition to the friendly support that AimBetter always extended, ease of use is a key benefit when using AimBetter on a daily basis. From different color alerts to real-time monitoring of disk loads, AimBetter delivers an intuitive situational picture that can be comprehended in seconds without much prior training. False negatives have also been significantly reduced, providing peace of mind to focus on our real work.

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