STKI Annual Conference with AimBetter

AimBetter was a participant in the highly-rated STKI annual conference held in Tel Aviv at the beginning of March 2018.  We were happy to learn a lot both from the organizers, from the other companies presenting, and from our many visitors.

About STKI

To start with, a few words about STKI and their dynamic leader Dr. Jimmy Schwarzkopf.  STKI has created a unique presence in Israel by filling in a sorely-needed service for the SMB high-tech industry.  Without STKI, the whole IT industry in Israel would have been almost entirely dependent on Gartner Inc for independent surveys, product comparisons, and service ratings.  This is not to say that there is anything wrong with how Gartner is working, but in the best of worlds, competition is a good thing.  This is made even more relevant by the fact that STKI is largely based here in Israel, which in global terms gets relatively little attention from the other players in this field, as evidenced by the fact that most of Gartner’s competition does not pay any attention to us.  This is indeed strange because Israel has the second largest number of NASDAQ-quoted high-tech companies, has what is acknowledged as probably the most advanced software development industry, and has one of the highest rates per-capita of software engineers and developers. Yet we don’t get the attention of the world’s surveys and reporting, largely because they are focusing on giant multi-national conglomerates in the larger countries.  Dr. Schwarzkopf recognized this sad fact as long ago as 1992 and has built up STKI to be the local equivalent of Gartner, Forrester, IDC, and Aberdeen reporting for the local IT industry.

About the conference

It was a truly amazing event, with nearly two thousand participants representing the top level of the local IT industry.  More than thirty companies had taken stands to show their products and services, and we are not boasting to say that AimBetter was among the most popular throughout the conference.  To quote their website here “The Summit is an informative, energizing event focused on helping organizations define the vision and strategies of their future IT needs today. STKI has hosted its annual summit since 1992. During the summit, our analyst team presents updates, major trends, and developments in the global as well as local IT industry.”

The central feature of the whole time is the presentation by Dr. Jimmy Schwarzkopf of his detailed analysis of the whole spectrum of activities over the past year, together with projections for where the specific sectors are likely to go this year and in the near future.

Where AimBetter shone

We were extremely proud to see that Dr. Schwarzkopf’s analysis of our part of the industry (IT Operations Tools) could rank us as one of the top ten players, along with such well-known giants as IBM and Cisco.  The fact that a relatively new company like ours has made such an impact on this sector tells you a great deal of how AimBetter has given the market something that it was needed – a complete, comprehensive and effective tool for monitoring the health of the whole database environment.  Here’s a snapshot of Jimmy while he’s presenting a slide showing us at the top.

If you would like to find out more about how AimBetter can help you in your database world, please contact our Sales manager Lidia Kateav via email, or request a demonstration from our website here.

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