ISO ITSM Commitee and the Febraban Tech Participation in Brazil

In the recent ISO ITSM (Information Technology Service Management) committee meeting held in Campinas, Brazil, Tsafrir Lahav, AimBetter’s VP of Sales, served as Israel’s voting representative, influencing crucial decisions on IT Service Management standards and broader business matters.

This gathering united global experts, including representatives from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Japan, Europe, South Africa, USA, and Israel, fostering collaboration and idea exchange. Such international cooperation is significant for advancing technology governance and IT service management standards.

The committee focused on refining regulations and compliance frameworks for emerging technologies and methodologies, with specific emphasis on integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning into IT service management. Discussions also addressed next-generation practices like Real-Time Problem Solving (RTPS), which aim to enhance service delivery through advanced automation and intelligent systems.

Invited by Israel’s Foreign Trade Administration and Banco BMP, Tsafrir Lahav also participated in the Febraban Tech 2024 event as one of four speakers representing Israeli companies. Alongside Deborah Palacios Wanzo from Tuvis, Matias Chmiel from Bright Data, and Celso Gonzalez Hummel from Appdome, Tsafrir presented AimBetter’s unique solution to the Brazilian public, focusing on its relevance to the financial sector.

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