SAP Partner Summit for SME – Madrid 2024

AimBetter at the SAP Partner Summit for SME

April 2024

This year, AimBetter was proud to attend the SAP Partner Summit for SMEs held in Madrid, showcasing our advanced system management tools specifically designed for SAP developers and service providers. As innovators in the field, we understand the challenges and demands of developing and maintaining SAP add-ons and extensions. AimBetter is here to revolutionize how you manage, diagnose, and optimize your SAP systems.

Why Choose AimBetter for Your SAP Solutions?

1. Comprehensive Analysis Across All Layers

🎯AimBetter Advantage: Our system provides a detailed analysis of web, database, and system layers, pinpointing the exact location of issues for swift resolution. This capability ensures that your SAP environments run smoothly, reducing downtime and improving user satisfaction.

2. Rapid Issue Resolution

🎯Quick Turnaround: AimBetter significantly reduces the time it takes to understand and address issues. We know that time is critical, and our tool is designed to deliver solutions in hours, not days, minimizing the impact on your operations and enhancing your service reliability.

3. Guaranteed System Security

🎯Secure and Safe: With AimBetter, the security of your data is a priority. Our system ensures that users do not directly access sensitive information, maintaining high-security standards pre and post-installation.

4. Flexible Licensing Models

🎯Cost-Effective Solutions: We offer various licensing options to suit your business needs, from a REALTIME system starting at 70 EURO to a comprehensive RTPS system at 640 EURO per month. Our flexible approach allows you to scale as needed and transfer licenses between servers seamlessly.

5. Expert DBA Services

🎯Additional Support: Companies that value expert solutions can benefit from AimBetter’s professional DBA services. Our team of experts is ready to assist you in enhancing your system’s performance and reliability.

6. Fast and Effective Installation

🎯Immediate Results: AimBetter is designed for quick installation, taking only about 5 minutes to set up, with immediate operational results. Start optimizing your SAP systems with minimal disruption and maximum efficiency.

Join Us in Transforming SAP System Management

AimBetter is dedicated to providing top-tier system management solutions for SAP developers. Our participation in the SAP conference in Madrid has reinforced our commitment to excellence and innovation in the field. We invite you to explore how AimBetter can make a significant difference in your SAP services and client satisfaction.

For more information or to schedule a demo, please contact us today.

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