About DBA BRASIL 3.0

Our partners Polis Consulting in Brasil were a participant in the highly-rated DBA 3.0 annual conference held in São Paolo at the beginning of May 2018.  It was a great opportunity to expose our product to the dynamic market that is rated by Microsoft as one of the “top-ten” growth markets for the coming decade.

About DBA 3.0

DBA BRASIL 3.0 was a one-day conference,  held on May 5, 2018, with over 500 participants, which was an indication of the growth of the DBA community in relation to previous events, held in April 2016 ( DBA BRASIL 1.0) and in May 2017 (DBA BRASIL 2.0). The host of the event was the University Center UNIBTA, the primary university technology center of the capital of São Paulo. It is a center of excellence in higher education in the areas of technology and management, with qualified teaching staff and innovative teaching methodology. It provided an excellent infrastructure to receive the DBA BRASIL 3.0, in its new headquarters that is right next to the Paraíso Metro. It was a truly amazing event, with the participants representing the top level of the local IT industry.  Many companies had taken stands to show their products and services, and we are not boasting to say that AimBetter was among the most popular throughout the conference.

Where AimBetter shone

The central feature of our participation was the presentation by our dynamic partner Sergio Hirata to a large group of fascinated DBA specialists, demonstrating for them the tremendous advantages that they can get by using AimBetter as their primary monitoring tool.











If you missed Sergio’s presentation and would like to learn more about AimBetter’s operations in Brasil, please contact Sergio at [email protected].br and he will get back to you with more information and the opportunity to demonstrate.  You can also visit Polis Consulting‘s Facebook page to find out more about DBA 3.0.

In the rest of the world, if you would like to find out more about how AimBetter can help you in your database environment, please contact our Sales and Accounts manager Rony Attias, or request a demonstration from our website here.

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