BI Platform Update Issue

A prestigious medical device manufacturer of top-quality technology trusted by hospitals, universities, research institutes, clinics, and laboratories worldwide recently faced a challenge with its Business Intelligence (BI) platform.

Following a database system migration, despite data being transmitted, the BI platform was not updating as expected. The IT Manager promptly sought assistance from the BI platform vendor, but their efforts proved futile. The vendor could only identify that data transmission was occurring but could not pinpoint the root cause of the problem, which was impeding data insertion into the database.

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, the IT Manager sought assistance from the AimBetter team, renowned for their expertise in database performance monitoring and optimization. Leveraging the AimBetter platform, the team swiftly identified the specific error hindering data insertion: a Permission Violation in the system database.

Armed with this crucial information, the experienced AimBetter team delved into the database properties related to permission issues, including the Trustworthy property, which was found to be disabled. This disabled property was the underlying cause of the data insertion blocking, resolving the permission issue, and restoring the functionality of the BI platform.

Following the solution implementation, rigorous testing was conducted to ensure the data insertion process was functioning as expected. Validation checks were performed to confirm that the BI platform was updated with the latest data from the migrated database.

The swift and efficient resolution provided by the AimBetter team minimized the BI team downtime and ensured uninterrupted operations for the client.

By restoring the functionality of the BI platform, the client regained the ability to analyze production line processes and business activities, enabling informed decision-making and operational optimization.

Both the IT Manager and the BI platform vendor were impressed with the efficiency and effectiveness of the solution provided by the AimBetter team. The prompt resolution of the issue showcased the team’s expertise, commitment to client satisfaction, and ability to provide top-notch service with the help of its unique Real-Time Problem-Solving platform.

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