Bottleneck Episode in a SAP System

A retail company with dozens of servers around the world approached AimBetter while experiencing a serious slowdown in its SAP ERP system.

After the 5-minute installation, this company’s IT Manager could start seeing in real time the queries involved in the bottleneck.

A particular query was running for longer, for which several alerts about busy disks appeared. Through AimBetter, additional details about this query were provided, including the SAP app from which it originated.

Following this root-cause indication, the IT Manager checked the disks’ general condition in more detail.

Sorting the disks by their busy time, it was easy to see that many disks were working at close to maximum capacity, although the I/O rate was significantly low for this company’s patterns. The IT Manager could immediately understand that some change in the disks’ configuration must be responsible for this poor disk performance. Consulting the vendor, he could adjust the configuration to achieve effective performance, solving this bottleneck episode.

Having solved this episode, the IT Manager continued to explore AimBetter’s capability to analyze the server’s activity 24/7 and provide improvement recommendations. Checking in the QAnalyze pane which queries are the most resource-consuming, he could ask for the company’s DBA to work on them, achieving fast improvements. Once again, in the details presented by AimBetter, the exact SAP app involved could be easily identified.

This company’s IT Team is now more proactive and capable of making their SAP system more efficient, dealing with eventual issues in minimum time.

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