Critical High CPU in Amazon RDS SQL Server

A high-tech company with several SQL Servers hosted in Amazon RDS experienced a sudden high CPU issue in one of them. Having AimBetter, the company’s IT Team was immediately notified.

Opening AimBetter’s QAnalyze view, which constantly analyzes all queries running in the database and presents the most “expensive” ones, they could see the specific query responsible for the high CPU consumption.

And that was it! The root cause was identified in a matter of seconds.😎

From the almost 60K query executions, AimBetter pinpointed the one responsible for the high CPU usage, running 2.9K times. Although each execution lasted only 137 ms, the high amount of executions of this not-optimal query caused the high CPU issue.

When checking this query’s performance, it is clear when the CPU spike started and that it was concomitant with a steep increase in executions.

The DBA’s treatment of the problem was quick and efficient. He solved the problem from the source and prevented future occurrences.

This case illustrates the importance of identifying the root cause to make the best decisions in the shortest period. Without this capability, the company would suffer from performance degradation until the IT Manager decides to increase their resources. This would imply a permanent growth in the company’s expenses and wouldn’t prevent the event from happening again.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Aimbetter can enhance your IT management by preventing disruptions and speeding up recovery from unexpected events, please contact us today!

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