Disk Usage Spike Due To a Priority ERP Report

The situation began with a critical alert sent by Aimbetter to a food importer and distributor’s IT department. The alert indicated a spike in disk usage that, if not treated, could impose a risk of disk clogging in the near future.

This unusual disk traffic alert prompted the IT Manager to investigate further by logging into AimBetter and examining the server activities.

Proceeding to the “Analyze” tab, the IT Manager could observe through the Disk I/O column in the server activities that at the exact time of the alert, the disk I/O jumped more than ten times the previous rate.

Drilling down to understand the activities involved in this I/O pick, he discovered the culprit was a Priority report generation task. AimBetter provided details, including the report name, the program involved, and the process ID (22072).

Connecting to the server, the IT Manager examined the report and found it to be nearly 18GB in size, explaining the significant disk usage.

To assess the impact on the SQL Server, he checked the long-running queries and identified the query associated with process ID 22072. This query had been running for over 1 hour and 30 minutes.

AimBetter provided the query details, revealing the user responsible—”Irene”—and the originating application—”Inventory by Customer.” AimBetter also provided the code part and recommendations for optimizing this specific part of the code responsible for the excessive disk usage—”CARTESIAN Nested Loops.”

Within minutes, the IT Manager identified the root cause of the disk traffic spike. He guaranteed no immediate significant impact on the system and took proactive steps to ensure that similar incidents would be avoided in the future. He prevented future disruptions by implementing the recommended code optimizations and improved the SQL Server’s overall performance.

This case study highlights the importance of proactiveness and quick response in IT management, which can be easily achieved with AimBetter on the scene.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Aimbetter can enhance your IT management by preventing disruptions and speeding up recovery from unexpected events, please contact us today!

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