Data TLV Summit 2022

Data TLV is Israel’s biggest and most comprehensive annual educational Data Conference. Organized by the Israel Data Platform community, the Data TLV summit is day-filled with sessions on any aspects of Data Engineering, BI, Data Analysis, and Data Management.

AimBetter had prominent participation in The Data TLV 2022 summit,  held on September 15 at the College of Management Studies. This year’s event was attended by hundreds of visitors eager to learn the most advanced Data technologies and best practices in this realm.

Held for the 6th consecutive year, the event was a huge success with over 90 session submissions, 44 lectures,  and 750 experts registered. Over 250 companies from Israel and around the world participated together with Ryltech – AimBetter,  including leading Data companies such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, Cloudera, Madera Data Solutions,  Experda, Aztek Technologies, One BI, Pecan, Elad Data, Jutomate,, and  DoubleCloud.

Both AimBetter’s CEO Yehuda Lasry and AimBetter’s General Manager Jeffrey Madew gave fascinating presentations during the Data TLV Session of lectures.

Yehuda’s talk was on “Minimizing the Loss by Beating your Customers SQL Hackers”. As a key player in the Israeli Database Management scenery, Yehuda brought one of the cases in which any business can find itself vulnerable to Database related risks and how the use of an effective solution like AimBetter can make all the difference to protect one of the most precious assets of any Company – it’s Data!

Jeffrey’s presentation centered on how any Corporation can leverage AimBetter’s powerful platform to resolve the so-called “Butterfly Effect.” With a successful business record in Canada and extensive experience managing big corporations, Jeffrey explained the substantial economic impact AimBetter’s solution could bring. By reducing the IT team’s unnecessary time in resolving Database Server-related problems, these highly qualified professionals can dedicate their precious time to what really adds value to the Company. Besides the direct effect on the IT Team, all employees and customers are impacted by the Database Server performance optimization, reverting in economic gains.

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