Why did Malam Team sign a Cooperation Agreement with AimBetter?

AimBetter becomes our leading Performance Management Platform for our customers, local or cloud.

When a company like Malam Team decides to partner with your company, you know that you are doing something right. Malam Team is an Israeli IT and integration group that works with both local and international companies on the level of IBM, HP and CA Technologies. Their software division provides support and implementation services through a support center. In order to offer their clients, the best possible support, they partner with outside companies to provide effective solutions to their customers.

So, when Malam Team signed a cooperation agreement with AimBetter to offer their monitoring and performance management system, it was another vote of confidence for AimBetter, a company that keeps on making waves in the IT market.

Dror Reiper, Malam Team’s Software Sales Manager explained that the partnership “strengthens the commitment of Malam Team and AimBetter to provide the best solutions and services that help customers design, build and manage database solutions, with high performance, availability, and reliability, and with a lower total cost of ownership.”

“… how to dispel the fog around the most complex issues that occur across the entire server environment.”

AimBetter’s goal in creating the Performance Control Management system was to design a tool that makes the job of database administration much more efficient, with the ability to respond in real-time to problems. They built a non-invasive interface that makes the information accessible to users in the most convenient way, covering entire systems, including:

  • SQL databases
  • Operating system
  • Web
  • Security
  • Code
  • Network

Yehuda Lasri, the owner and CEO of AimBetter commented, “The world of data is full of uncertainty, instability, and inter-dependency, and AimBetter is happy to help Malam Team’s clients understand how to dispel the fog around the most complex issues that occur across the entire server environment.

AimBetter’s Console is a fully encrypted system (ISO 27001 compliant) that is designed so that no actual corporate data is read.

Users look to AimBetter for:

  • 24/7 supervision, 365 days a year.
  • Make the job of database administration much more efficient.
  • Respond in real-time to problems.
  • Identify small issues that can lead to big problems.
  • Utilize an AI system to increase productivity.
  • Pay nothing in upfront investment: based on a fixed monthly fee.
  • Solution that does not require local computer resources, additional hardware or storage.
  • Substantial reduction in the time IT staff spend on identifying and solving problems.
  • Expert supervision to reduce downtime, improve performance, data timeliness and accuracy.

Dror Reaper
Software Sales Manager at Malam Team

Yehuda Lasri
Co-founder and CEO of AimBetter Ltd.

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