Israel SMB Conference

SMB 2019

4th November 2019

The annual SMB Conference is the largest and most significant SMB conference in Israel. This conference provides a professional opportunity for participants to meet potential business partners, relevant customers, catch up on what’s new in the field and, in particular, to be exposed to the many solutions and innovations presented by Israel in today’s business world.

More than 700 people attended the conference, with between 5 and 100 employees in each business. These came from Israel as well as many from overseas companies who came to hear what Israeli hi-tech can offer the world. The focus of the conference was on preparations for the coming business year – all solutions that will make business more profitable in 2020!

Yehuda Lasri, CEO and Co-Founder of AimBetter, was one of the leading presenters in the hi-tech field and was given a prime opportunity to demonstrate and discuss our unique abilities for small and medium businesses to improve database operations, reduce costs and increase efficiency.

We are very proud of the fact that even in the presence of many of the Start-up Nation’s leading service providers, AimBetter was selected to show off our advanced solutions to the hundreds of SMB attendees.

AimBetter was built from the beginning to offer a simple and comprehensive solution for non-specialist database managers who may not have DBAs on-board full-time. In many direct discussions with senior non-technical managers from the SMB companies, we established that some of the key points that they are looking for are already built-in to our solution. AimBetter offers a user-friendly interface console from which every aspect of the database environment is visible. There is no need for programming skills or deep SQL tech know-how. AimBetter supervises the whole scene, alerts you to any abnormal behavior, and in almost every case will take you in a few clicks to the source of the problem and identify the correct solution.

A few of the points that make AimBetter stand out from the other monitoring offerings:

  • AimBetter’s solution requires no up-front investment in infrastructure but offers a simple month-by-month cost structure for companies to reap immediate benefits.
  • AimBetter provides state-of-the-art management facilities for the whole environment with the added availability of support by our highly-trained specialists working as ‘virtual DBAs’.
  • AimBetter extends control from its central dashboard over every real and virtual server under the company’s control, collecting data from over 600 primary performance metrics to detect any abnormal patterns.
  • AimBetter extends its control over both the native server environment and SQL engine – no hunting for missing pieces because it’s all presented in the single dashboard.
  • AimBetter achieves four primary benefits: improved performance; total information integrity; minimized system downtime, great user experience!


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