AimBetter Takes its place in Microsoft’s Marketplace for Azure-Based Products

Clients can lower OPEX by using AimBetter to increase performance and reduce DTU usage on the Azure platform.

ASHKELON, ISRAEL, November 9, 2021AimBetter, a leading developer of an AI platform that analyzes and detects complex database and IT performance issues, has announced that their flagship product, AimBetter , has been accepted into Microsoft’s AppSource.

AimBetter has long been recognized by customers and partners as an effective solution for performance control management. The company is now preparing for a huge leap in the product’s ability to reach new audiences around the world. The AimBetter application was added to the Microsoft Store, the world’s largest marketplace for Azure-based products, and will be accessible to millions of companies that use Microsoft technologies. Azure users not only utilize the platform for storage, but for the many solutions that are offered by Microsoft through third party applications. 

Concurrent with the addition of AimBetter to Microsoft’s AppSource, AimBetter created a new product environment for Azure. This enables users to have more flexibility and greater speed, and the ability to enjoy the highest level of service in every region of the world. 

Yehuda Lasri, AimBetter’s CEO said:  “AimBetter users already benefit from better performance and savings by not needing to hire an inhouse DBA and a reduction in the time needed to resolve issues. They reduce their CAPEX by not having to buy and maintain additional hardware or make infrastructure investments.” 

AimBetter customers on the Azure platform can look forward to savings in DTU costs, since Azure platform fees are based on the use of DTU resources. AimBetter optimizes the DTU usage and thus reduces costs.

AimBetter is in the final stages of adding the software to the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

You can see the AimBetter listing. 

About AimBetter

AimBetter develops affordable and scalable SaaS solutions for monitoring and improving the performance of database and IT systems. The AimBetter AI-driven software is used to pinpoint the causes of database and application layer problems, often before they are seen by users. AimBetter’s DBA support team works with IT staff to understand the issues and find solutions. The solution is fully cloud-based, GDPR compliant, and monitors both on-premise and cloud environments. Founded in 2014, the company has grown to support over 30,000 databases and 1500 servers around the world. 

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