ScaleUp inBrazil

ScaleUp inBrazil

October 2023

ScaleUp InBrasil is an exclusive accelerator program that provides selected Israeli companies with comprehensive support and assistance in entering the Brazilian market.

After a rigorous selection process that lasted several months and included hundreds of startups from Israel, Singapore, and Japan, Aimbetter emerged as one of the nine Israeli startups chosen for this program. The selection criteria focused on innovation, maturity, and adaptability to the Brazilian market.

During a recent visit to Brazil, Tsafir Lahav, Global VP of Sales at Aimbetter, represented the company and successfully met with leading Brazilian organizations and companies. These meetings resulted in numerous approvals for implementing Aimbetter’s system, surpassing the organizers’ expectations. Aimbetter is proud to be the first startup in the program to commence operations within the first two weeks, demonstrating its business and organizational strength.

Tsafrir Lahav, Vice President of Sales at Aimbetter: “The trip to Brazil and the physical meeting with the companies, despite the situation in the country, was extremely important. Although our office is located in Ashkelon, we have proven ourselves to be a strong and organized company, which greatly strengthened trust in our solution.”

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