Release of AimBetter UI Version

We are thrilled to announce the release of AimBetter’s latest UI version, 2.0.0, representing a significant leap forward in user experience and platform capabilities. Here are the key features of this truly exceptional release:

Packages for Flexible Licensing:
From this version, it is possible to acquire low-priced licenses with partial capabilities. This flexibility is excellent for customers willing to have AimBetter in additional servers but choosing part of its functionalities for these servers to fit their budget. For more information about package prices and what they include, please get in touch with us at [email protected].


Enhanced Capabilities for Web Servers:
AimBetter’s capabilities for web servers have undergone a substantial upgrade, providing deeper insights into each web server request and response. Users can now view response times, Controllers, and Database calls, including the respective Database name and duration for each request. This enhanced visibility empowers users to optimize web server performance with precision.

Responsive Agent for User Actions:
Responding to customer feedback, AimBetter introduces the option to enable user actions directly from the AimBetter UI to monitored servers. Users can now perform actions such as killing a process on the server’s Operating System, terminating a query session on SQL Server or Oracle Server, and stopping the monitoring process. This feature is secure by design, requiring user verification through OTP authentication. This option is enabled only if configured in the AimBetter Configuration and is not by default.

Flexible License Management:
AimBetter brings unparalleled flexibility to license management, allowing users to configure more servers than the number of licenses acquired from the system UI. Companies can easily control which servers are active for monitoring at any given time. For instance, if a company has 100 servers and 20 licenses, it can configure all 100 servers in AimBetter and selectively enable monitoring for any 20 servers at a time. This dynamic approach empowers organizations to adapt their monitoring strategy to changing priorities and operational needs.

Saved Sets of Filters for Better Focus:
Filters are essential in enabling users to concentrate on relevant data, and AimBetter takes this functionality to the next level. With the new version, users can save up to 10 filter selection sets in each view, assigning a name to each set for easy navigation. This enhancement ensures a seamless transition between different filter sets based on specific needs.
New filters are constantly added following our understanding of customers’ needs. Examples of filters included in this version are group by Description/Status/Level in the Home Tab, filter specific Services/Processes/Database in the Performance Tab, and filter by Hash ID/OS user in the Queries Tab.


Tailor-Made Notifications for Custom Alerts:
AimBetter offers a multitude of notifications that users can customize based on their requirements. The new version introduces tailor-made notifications with free-text options, allowing users to identify critical events they want to be alerted about. An illustrative example is the “Suspicious Processes” notification, where users can add the names of processes related to potentially risky activities, such as remote-access programs.


This release underscores AimBetter’s commitment to delivering a dynamic and user-centric experience. The new features enhance the platform’s functionality and provide users with the flexibility and customization they need to optimize performance in line with their unique requirements. AimBetter continues to evolve, ensuring users have the tools and insights necessary to stay ahead in an ever-changing technological landscape.

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