Release of AimBetter UI Version

This update brings forth many improvements, ensuring enhanced stability, lightning-fast response times, and exciting new features designed to streamline your operations and empower AimBetter’s Real-Time Problem-Solving capabilities.

Here’s a glimpse of what’s new in AimBetter system version

Streamlined Alerts Configuration

Managing alerts in AimBetter has never been easier. With our latest update, you can access and configure alert settings directly from the Home Screen. This intuitive feature allows for quick visualization of current thresholds and enables on-the-spot adjustments, revolutionizing how you interact with the system.


Security Risk Indication

We’ve introduced a dedicated security risk icon to help you quickly identify and prioritize security vulnerabilities. This tool helps you stay ahead of potential threats and ensure prompt action when it matters most.



Friendly Registration and Installation Process

Our registration and installation process has undergone a makeover, offering a seamless and user-friendly experience. With dynamic, self-explained widgets guiding you every step of the way, implementing AimBetter has never been quicker or easier.



Introducing the “Real-Time Query Live” License

Experience the power of AimBetter at a fraction of the cost with our new low-cost license option for SQL Servers. The “Real Time Query Live” license provides access to essential capabilities within the Queries module, offering a cost-effective solution for companies with a large number of servers. Contact our dedicated sales team at [email protected] to learn more about this exciting offering.

Stay tuned! Exciting new features are planned to be released soon.

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