Symptoms: An SQL job has been canceled.

Impact: High

This alert means that the designated SQL job did not finish. This may cause loss of data and disruption of the application’s integrity, or reduce performance.

Expected behavior :

SQL jobs should not be stopped when running.

Possible causes

User action  Priority: Medium

Recommended action :
Confirm the need for the intervention by the user who stopped the job. Track the job event to locate the step at which it was stopped and rerun if needed.

Operating System action  Priority: Medium

Recommended action :
Track the job event to locate the step at which it was stopped. Take any necessary steps to correct the reason for the failure, and rerun the job at a suitable time.


There are three main instances where jobs are canceled. A user can cancel a job when it is already executing, or prevent it from running at all, or a job may stop while executing due to some operating system intervention.

There are many agents native to SQL, and probably more that are specific to your own environment.

Many SQL agents trigger jobs that run specific functions (one example is transaction log backup) In cases where the job was running infrastructure operations such as backup and indexing, interrupted after launch limit performance, which will only be restored when the same job is run to completion.

In cases of application-specific jobs, our recommended best practice is to set up proper notification procedures in each agent so that appropriate notification will be given of the failure enabling follow-up action to be taken.

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