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AimBetter and Ryltech offer the best solution for identifying any weaknesses on SQL Server and work together both to respond and to apply the necessary fixes to prevent future reoccurrences.  Making use of AimBetter’s advanced features,  Ryltech’s Expert Support team, made up of specialist database administrators, provides real solutions to problems and performs the best actions to limit problems before they impact on your business. Together we provide a service taking responsibility for the integrity of your whole enterprise’s information system.

Above all, our goal is to boost the reliability of your data – nothing will impact more on your bottom line than allowing the complexity of the IT environment to degrade the quality of the information that you base your decisions on.

About AimBetter/Ryltech Services

AimBetter provides service to more than 200 companies with more than 700 SQL servers and 300 application servers for companies in Israel and abroad. Among our many users are leading international companies such as Teva NaotArtimediaExcellando, and Diplomat.

We include among our clients include many users of Priority and SAP Business One ERP applications.

With the combination of product and services provided by AimBetter, many companies have found the ability to better manage their whole environment, reduce or even eliminate data loss, improve user productivity, minimize costs and generally gain greater benefits from their whole enterprise information system. It is important for us to ensure that we work together with you to guarantee that we always provide the best solution that suits your needs.

The following is an outline of what the software can do, and how our support activities will benefit you financially and operationally.

AimBetter – the product

Alerts to operational problems – pinpointing incidents of data loss/performance problems in real timeImmediately identifies the source of the problem in your system, such as query exceptions, server load, network blockages, software malfunction, stalled queries, bugs in the software package, etc.

Observes in real-time and tests quickly, wherever there are query exceptions and other problems that block the flow of processes or slow down and cause performance problems

Provides comprehensive history extending back 30 days – allows for instant comparison, trend analysis and pattern matching by our Expert Support team.

Detects malfunctions – if there is a problem within the procedural, infrastructure or communication components to explain transaction problems.

Reduces delays in responding – gives a higher and deeper understanding of problems arising from the system – with ability to see and  understand the current situation of your server, and the means to dig down into the details without the need to connect directly to your  servers

Gives you confidence in the end-result – you do not have to be an IT/ DBA/system professional – AimBetter is performing these specialist functions for you, understanding and reacting to problems and alerts sent about your system.

How it works

Over 400 separate measures displayed from a single point, that monitor the system 24 hours a day.  Visual graphs that are simple to understand – so that there is a complete picture inside our own tool, without need for connecting back to the live server.

Minimum on-site presence.  AimBetter requires just our simple agent running on a server anywhere inside your network that collects data from the whole environment and passes that up into the cloud for analysis and reporting.

No dedicated hardware onsite

No separate database or repository licenses

No operating system licenses

No impact on functionality in your own environment

No requirement for added administration by your team


Optional product – Connections

Monitoring external connection.A separate facility is available to monitor a wide range of connectivity status to both physical and logical entities. This facility runs independently of the SQL Server monitor. It offers the option to pick from a basket of connections to watch any number of different logical or physical targets.

The table below shows the range available.  Any entity inside the domain can be targeted.  All metrics can be represented graphically in any time window inside the current history, and report Average, Minimum and Maximum values.

This optional service allows customers to select the entities that are most important in their own instance. We provide a bundled service, comprising the monitoring agent plus 50 individual elements.  More elements can be added to the same agent, in bundles of 50s.




Storage Drives Path, duration to connection, size, subfolder count, file count
  Files Path, duration to connection, size
  Folders Path, duration to connection, size, subfolder count, file count
Web URL Status, Status code, round-trip duration
DB Connection SQL Server DB Duration, status
Ping IP Lost packets, network jitter, network latency

DBA & IT services

AimBetter GOLD service

Daily follow-up by our DBA professional team on all server behavior – a ‘virtual DBA’ at work for you.

Every day

  • morning check over the server for the previous 24 hours
  • check jobs that completed successfully but with failed steps
  • check that AimBetter is working correctly

Twice weekly

  •  check log backup sizes
  •  check error codes
  •  checking log backups from 2 different sources
  •  check for services that created a significant variance in server load

Once each week

  • check full & differential backup sizes

On-call (available during business hours) – checking unsynchronized agents


  • DBA report reviewing all aspects, with a meeting to explain the report
  • reporting user access security with the supervisors

Periodic (on demand)

  • checking the need for upgrade to other AimBetter services
  • refresher training on using the AimBetter system

Training of customer’s users in best practices for AimBetter operations

Introduction to the service – a comprehensive report on your server includes a DBA explanation of risks and preventive or required treatment at the database level.

AimBetter PRO service

Up to 4 hours per month support, as part of a basic Service Level Agreement, to begin action inside normal business hours (08:00 – 18:00 working days). We track – system alerts during all hours of operation and provide a quick response.

We check – server health, providing maintenance programs and models of best practices.

We document all of the client environment. Covering server portability at database level and extensive validation, data logging for extreme situations like a server crash.

We provide a full Server review. At customer’s request, we can perform a set of proactive functions as outlined in the section “Activities available on request” below.

Advise on high survivability – advice on Data Recovery/test of initiated reconstructions

Security – monitoring permissions and access to the server. The initial inspection followed by regular tracking of connections and access to the server.

Proactive treatment – responding to alerts and malfunctions received by the monitor according to current SLA terms.

Running scripts on the client-server – for preventing performance compliance issues. Preventive-level scripts and routine maintenance.

Activities available on request

General customer tasks initiated work/customer requests.System optimization – adjust system settings to the client’s application requirements

  • A periodic check for any SQL Server/Microsoft OS service pack updates
  • Periodic testing that the SQL version is supported by Microsoft service
  • Periodical review of backups and their integrity
  • Running Job Logs for Weekly Level Proactive Actions – Log files shrinkage, index updates, and statistics uniquely, TEMPDB database compression, file handling, database integrity check, scheduled periodic maintenance, database error correction.
  • Missing / redundant / duplicate indexes
  • Monitor table growth
  • Testing, recording, and saving users
  • Checking hard disk performance
  • Check server performance
  • Test long / slow / problematic queries
  • Check replication servers (if any) and coordinate with the server

Ryltech Managed Services (RMS)

Smart solutions for improving your bottom line.  Designed especially for Small/Medium Business users of Microsoft SQL Server

Move from ADMINISTRATION to MANAGEMENT – instead of looking over your shoulder, you will be focused on the future

Move from FIRE-FIGHTING to FIRE-PROOFING – build the right infrastructure so that even unforeseen circumstances have limited effect

Move from being UNPREPARED to being READY – we provide all the tools, skills and knowledge needed to make sure you come out on top

RMS supports your operations wherever they may be – on-premises, in the cloud, or on virtual servers

Ryltech is ready to help with all aspects of Db administration as detailed above

Our special experience is with third-party software packages that can be performance headaches e.g. CLICK VIEW | MICROSOFT BI | Priority | SAP B1 | ERP and others

Business Impact of our solution

  • AimBetter and Ryltech provides positive results at all levels of your operations
  • Increased management confidence – makes your decision process more reliable
  • Added security – reports on failed access attempts
  • Upgraded efficiency – reduces downtime and improves response times – keeps users operating at maximum effectiveness
  • Reduced administrator workload – all the operations needed are part of our service.
  • User satisfaction – no more frustration with a blank screen and missing information.

    Learn more how you can solve IT systems performance issues faster

      Learn more how you can solve IT systems performance issues faster

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