David Kedem, COO at Artimedia

“We are recommending AimBetter as a monitor tool for Microsoft SQL Servers. It helps us to improve our whole database experience, monitoring the complete environment and supporting our specific needs by supplementing our IT management team’s skills.”

aimbetter-sql-monitor-artimediaDavid Kedem

COO of Artimedia Ltd

About artimedia

Artimedia rocks the world of premium video advertising. The company provides end-to-end video advertising solutions that help advertisers and publishers achieve the greatest return on their digital video investments.

Artimedia’s solution is a cloud-based solution that is accessible through a self-service online management interface with targeting, optimization and advanced analysis capabilities for delivering impactful branding and results.

Artimedia’s Needs

Our ability to render these services depends completely on our customers having fast, reliable and dependable access to our facilities, which are built on advanced Microsoft SQL Server database technology. Any break in the chain between the data and the end-use, or a block or bottleneck, will immediately affect our ability to provide the service that Artimedia’s customers have come to rely on us to provide.

In addition, our business model requires that the database must be highly scalable, allowing for rapid growth and responsive to quick changes in design.  All of this places high technical demands in database administration, but whereas our company is involved in advanced technology, the special skills of DBA are not part of our core expertise and we have been able to rely on AimBetter’s advanced solution to supply the necessary tools and services to monitor our whole database environment and keep everything running smoothly and efficiently.

How AimBetter works for us as a performance monitor

Users get unique benefits from AimBetter monitor far above anything offered by the competition. It requires no dedicated hardware onsite and adds no requirement for additional SQL database administration by our team. Most importantly, AimBetter does not concentrate purely on SQL database health.  Like a good doctor, AimBetter is interested in the whole environment, measuring storage, hardware, operating system, and network metrics.

In its core function, AimBetter monitors all basic SQL database elements and displays all the results in a single comprehensive dashboard that does not require a trained DBA to read and work with. Most importantly, the solution brings up alerts of any unexpected patterns, so that we don’t have to spend time hunting through volumes of data about things that are working properly to locate the issues that need attention. AimBetter reports all SQL exceptions like blocks, deadlocks, duplicate keys and query timeouts, which are the things that affect performance.

In terms of what has been the business impact for us, AimBetter has worked to eliminate data loss and reduce downtime through pro-active monitoring by alerting us to database problems before they affected normal activity. Most importantly, we have experienced improved response times and reduced administrator workload, allowing us to concentrate on the core activities of our business, instead of acting as part-time database experts.

AimBetter also provides the support of its Expert Support team, which comprises experienced MS-SQL database administrators, led by Yehuda Lasri. The CEO, Yehuda is a highly-trained database specialist with experience in all aspects of data management, and working for us using AimBetter he helps to constantly improve our products. We always feel that Yehuda is one of our team, working together with us to reach a better solution for our customers.

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