AimBetter vs SolarWinds

AimBetter received top overview ratings from the leading software review websites, such as Capterra, GetApp and Software Advice when compared to SolarWinds Service Desk.

AimBetter is a powerful yet simple Performance Monitoring solution that puts you always in control of your Database, Applications, and Web Servers’ environment.

While both AimBetter and SolarWinds provide a comprehensive overview of the SQL Server environment, AimBetter’s focus is to be a practical tool for DBA experts, IT System administrators, and even CTOs. With a friendly and intuitive UI, AimBetter displays in some tabs all the information about what issues may cause an impact on the company’s systems. And with this information, the IT Manager can delegate to the responsible person to take care of it immediately.

Compared to SolarWinds Database monitoring tool, AimBetter stands out for:


Affordable and Straightforward

Its all-inclusive, server-based subscription can be renewed monthly.

As opposed to other solutions, there are no extra costs such as repository, additional hardware, and analytics costs or complex module-based, usage-based, or feature-based costs.
Neither demands a costly setup nor a long-term commitment.

Unlike SolarWinds, with AimBetter you pay a fixed fee that includes all the features, far more affordable.


DBA Experts’ daily checkups included 

In addition to offering an Automatic 24/7 Monitoring tool for easily identifying performance issues, AimBetter includes the full backup of a team of DBA Experts that supply solutions for the more complex issues.

SolarWinds tool nor any other automatic monitoring solution includes a NOC team of IT professionals that adds to the automatic alerts a personal report about the issues detected.

The AimBetter support also includes personal training about the Platform beside the available online tutorials so you can really get the most of this fantastic tool.

Customer Satisfaction

Enterprise and SMB Customers recommended

In only 5 years, AimBetter reached an impressive number of 1000 customers that includes leading Enterprises as well as SMBs.

Every company faces system slowness, and eventually downtime, what can cost thousands of dollars in lost business. When looking for a way to avoid these situations, the company looks for a solution and not a product! That's what AimBetter offers and why so many customers are satisfied with AimBetter all-in-one solution.

This loyal customer base testifies how AimBetter benefits their companies and what differentiates AimBetter.

What our customers say:

AimBetter provides a complete solution for your Company’s Database Administration!
With AimBetter you can:
  • See all your Servers in one screen prioritized by severity issues
  • Visualize different Servers’ Performance metrics over time
  • Understand how Processes are affecting the System and why
  • Keep track of all Exceptions and Events on the System over time
  • Identify blocking queries, long running queries, queries that need index or plan improvement and more
  • Monitor resource capabilities and all activities on the Database and Web Servers
  • Be alerted before Server’s issues affect the system performance
If you are interested in knowing more how AimBetter can make your company’s system run smoothly, please fill in your name and e-mail.
We will be in touch shortly to assist you or answer any question you may have.

    SolarWinds tool and all other Database Performance Monitoring solutions are just products.
    AimBetter is the only one that includes DBA Remote Services so you can rely on specialists to give a hand when needed.
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