AimBetter In-app Guide

From Agent Version, a new In-app User Guide is available to assist in your learning of the AimBetter Platform. Specially designed to facilitate even more user onboarding, the guide is just a click away whenever you need assistance, eliminating the need to switch between browser windows and seek external help. With our new In-app guide, users can explore AimBetter’s robust feature set and discover how to leverage these capabilities to maximize their database efficiency.

Intuitive and user-friendly, AimBetter provides a holistic view of the database, app, and infrastructure environment and immediately shows what is causing performance issues like slowdown and abnormal behavior. Pinpointing irregular resource consumption, heavy processes, and system errors, it also indicates what will impact the system performance sooner or later.

AimBetter automates many database performance optimization processes, analyzing millions of queries every second and identifying indexing and query tuning. Its historical data analysis feature allows you to identify trends and patterns in your database performance over time, aiding in long-term planning and optimization.

Our mission is to empower businesses to unlock the full potential of their critical systems, and the introduction of the In-app Guide is a further step forward in achieving that mission.

    Learn more how you can solve IT systems performance issues faster.

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