Newest AimBetter Console Features For Oracle

AimBetter Console for Oracle Beta Version

We received many requests from Oracle users around the world for Performance Control Management (PCM) capabilities for the Oracle data platform similar to the other platforms that we support.

In November, we released Performance Control Management capabilities to Oracle data platforms; on-premises, hybrid and cloud. Our new version of the AimBetter PCM is a beta build, with most of the DPM solution scope of our established MSSQL monitor. It’s still open for you to explore, play with, and of course, to give us your professional feedback. You can find details Here.  

We keep on adding features to the beta version, including:

  • WAIT STATS Module
    The new WAIT STATS module lets you diagnose a resource/component that the Oracle engine is delaying to return a quick response. This update enables you to easily identify which processes are waiting for a specific resource to become available without having to connect to the server and stop your day from doing more important things. The console covers all types of Oracle wait stats, including control file parallel write, ENQ: CF, and contention.
  • QUERY Capabilities
    Similar to SQL SERVER, the new QUERY capabilities easily identify screen user environment and computer performance.

    Parameters that can be determined:

    • CPU on the client from which the process is running
    • A name is found in the path or the procedure name (or part of it), or the saved temporary path.
    • Concentration of relevant and unique data that allows problems to be solved faster.
  • Performance Module — New Parameters
    The Performance Module currently has over 80 Oracle metrics and parameters, which are important to IT managers for troubleshooting performance issues. Our AI automation is an efficient alternative to manual testing, saving you time and does not require specific knowledge or experience.

    Learn more how you can solve IT systems performance issues faster.

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