“The user interface is second to none – intuitive with all the functionality I need at my fingertips.”

by Hanan Eyal, IT Manager

Ginegar is a world leader in the production of advanced plastic films for various agricultural applications. The company was established in 1986 and currently markets its products in over 60 countries. Genigar is a public company trading on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. Like most global companies of this size with heavy investment in R&D and customer care, Ginegar relies heavily on the smooth operation of its information and database systems.

What AimBetter has done for us
Ginegar was searching for a way to monitor and improve the performance of its database layer without heavy investment in hardware, software or human resources. Ease of use and simplicity was of primary concern to us since we’re not a company with a large crew of IT professionals.

We were recommended to try AimBetter and it turned out to be right on the money. As the company’s information systems manager, I need a reliable source of information about the status and performance of our servers. As a cloud-based solution, AimBetter allows me and our network manager to access and view the status from any device at any given moment. But where AimBetter truly shines in its comprehensible display of the data and search options. The dashboard, graphs and reports are very user friendly and provide us all the necessary indications for a quick examination of the servers performance. In addition, we receive actionable alerts by email which are very helpful in tackling problems in real time, before more damage is cause.

I would strongly recommend using AimBetter. Even the support team is very proactive and occasionally sent us an aggregated report with all the problems that we need to address.