AimBetter Web Monitoring New Feature

AimBettter has new capabilities in Web Monitoring. In addition to the already great visibility provided by AimBetter regarding your Web Server’s traffic, you’ll now be able to see even more. For each request going through the web server, you’ll get details about the impact of the different server elements on the request duration.

For example, if a page takes 12 seconds to load, AimBetter will break down the time spent on each step of the process: 6 seconds are due to database processing time, 4 seconds are due to application running time, and 2 seconds are due to network transmission time.

AimBetter provides insights about web page performance, analyzes them at a granular level, and identifies performance bottlenecks. With just a few clicks, you’ll be able to better understand your Web Server’s environment and find the root cause of performance issues.


We invite you to learn more about AimBetter’s capabilities and try our platform to understand how you can get complete control over your systems. Book a Demo today!

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