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New Features and Upgrades – Spring 2021

Our software engineers have been busy working on new and exciting features and updates to help make your job easier. We like to think of ourselves as your secret tool to solve problems before they become major issues. Our AI software collects data and looks for anomalies that need to be fixed, often before your client knows there is a problem…


Analysis of Interruptions
One of the extremely difficult issues to diagnose is what causes queries and processes to be interrupted while running. There are many situations where interruptions occur while running, which are then released but are not documented in any way. 

This is not an optimal situation because it is important to understand what delayed the process. It could be that it had problems with blocks, blockers, timeouts, or something else. Previously, the analysis was only for the  “victim”, not the cause of the TIMEOUT.

AimBetter runs an analysis on queries and processes:

  • Locked and stopped locking while running
  • Locked and kept running without locking
  • Who caused the TIMEOUT 

There is no record of these issues in the SQL SERVER engine, so even a DBA cannot detect these issues without our tools. These are the types of very frustrating issues to analyze because the PLAN is the same (looks the same), the program and code did not change at all, but the run times are different, and it isn’t easy to pinpoint the exact cause.


The paging file is a component of the OS that is activated when the server runs out of physical memory (RAM). When this occurs, the extra working memory that is needed is taken from the paging file and is slower than physical memory. This is a temporary memory that turns 0 again after a reboot of the server. As a result, the server is “choked” and slows down, but enables the server to continue to function.

It is very difficult to locate this value and to activate it. In fact, there is no way to locate it directly in the operating system. There is only a general indication of the memory consumption from the disk. This paging feature gives you the time to check the AimBetter tab that orders the values from the highest to lowest.  The console enables you to easily identify the specific process from among all the processes running simultaneously on the server and handle only with it.

AWS RDS — Amazon Relational Database Service

In addition to the many capabilities that already exist in the AimBetter system, this version also supports the AWS platform.

  • RDS Deadlocks
    AimBetter’s Deadlock Quick Identification and Analysis shows you which processes were competing for exclusive access to a resource and were unable to obtain it, because another process was preventing it. From the AimBetter monitor, you can drill down into transactions involved in a deadlock, identifying both the killed one and the surviving one. You can also view deadlocks that have occurred in the recent past without having to reproduce the issue because with AimBetter all deadlocks are logged and stored in the cloud for as long as you have selected. By quickly identifying these faults, problems such as loss of information, process crashes/screens in the system can be prevented, making your system run faster and problem-free.
  • RDS — Code Exception
    AimBetter‘s RDS Code Exception lets you know in real-time when an application code error occurs and even locates and categorizes the error. We all know how difficult it is to detect code errors, and the damage that they cause can be critical. Errors can create a much larger problem, so identifying them enables you to respond quickly and avoid a wide range of issues related to information security, information loss, incorrect code, errors, and data validation.
Performance Tab

Filter Option on Performance Tab
Servers can have hundreds or even thousands of different processes, services or databases running. Now, on the AimBetter Performance Tab, you can access information in a convenient way by filtering the specific service you want to view. Using the new filter option, you can quickly focus on identifying what you want to see in seconds.

Alert Settings

Upgraded Custom Alerts
We’ve upgraded your ability to set up custom alerts, you can now do the more:

  1. Configure specific days and hours for alerts.
  2. Configure specific alerts to be active on specific days and during designated hours.
  3. Set Email/Webhook Notifications on “ON Maintenance” while working\updating.
Homescreen – AimBetter S-TAG

You can now mark your servers using S-TAGs, which enable you to color code specific servers according to your needs. Think about marking them based on responsibilities, critical servers or priorities. This tool is especially useful for IT service providers who can now mark servers by company or level of service according to their service contracts.

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