Ryltech can help you with Microsoft 2008 SQL Server Changes

Do the pending End-of-Life demise of Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 mean trouble for you?
Let Ryltech take the burden off you and your database team.

Microsoft has announced that support for SQL Server 2008 will be withdrawn in 2019, to be followed shortly after by Windows 2008. They warn that this could mean increased vulnerability to cyber-attacks and raises compliance issues, especially relating to the new European Union Data Protection regulations. If your company is in danger, then it’s time to start planning now on upgrading the environment.

Microsoft’s preferred solution is to migrate the whole environment into a cloud-based Azure Managed Instance (which is not yet available), and later to upgrade to the latest SQL Server version 2019.

Does that sound complicated (maybe even over-complicated)? Let us help you to make the right decision, and to roll it out with the lowest possible cost, minimal disruption to your normal operations, and the strongest commitment to total success.

We at Ryltech have been working with every version of SQL Server and Microsoft Windows servers since 2003. We will be able to introduce you to all of the new features that have been brought out in later releases of SQL Server, such as Disaster Recovery, Log Shipping, Mirror, Always-On, Replication Change tracking and many more. In this way, with a single step we can both move you over to the best new version, and start to build-in the new features that version 2008 lacked.

Our expert team of database analysts and support specialists can guide you and your management team through every step of the process needed to migrate your whole SQL Server environment safely, quickly, and cheaply.

Let us produce a detailed plan that outlines all the steps necessary to make the move, with a timetable and costing that will guarantee that your company feels the least amount of disruption, and gets onto the solution that will carry you safely over onto the latest Microsoft server environment. For a quick survey and estimate, contact us today.

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