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Picture-Perfect SQL Server Performance Control Management

Data processing is not what it used to be. Platforms have moved to the cloud. ERP, ERM and similar systems are more complex than ever. And data processing activity typically involves hundreds of thousands of queries, inputs and outputs every second.

To handle this new reality, you require a robust, flexible and scalable real-time software solution. One that proactively detects weaknesses, blockages and slowdowns, identifies their causes, and delivers alerts and recommended actions for system resolution.

Performance Control Management Suite Highlights

AimBetter’s Performance Control Monitoring (PCM) suite handles the management of SQL Server database installations and its supporting software elements – such as Microsoft Server and IIS – on on-premises and cloud platforms. Built with Microsoft technology, the powerful, scalable and comprehensive solution provides full visibility of your database environment – by remote desktop and/or mobile device – to ensure operational efficiency and business continuity. Easy to install and requiring no local storage or computing resources, the SaaS solution guarantees the highest level of security via zero-trust, ISO-compliant access control.

  • Comprehensive dashboard enabling rapid and comprehensive single-screen visibility of the organization’s database alerts and insight into all performance problems
  • Real-time monitoring capabilities for quickly identifying the source of performance issues – from application code error, database application, or operating system to CPU, storage or memory deficiency
  • Continuous help desk and customer support services provided by our expert team for delivering maximum system performance and minimum downtime
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Monitoring is vital to the health and performance of your organization’s database. You know better than anyone how slow queries can adversely impact your system and cost lots of time and money. Our Performance Control Management suite lets you track queries to fully understand what is happening with any slow query and on which resources it depends, enabling you to solve performance issues faster.

The solution continuously reads and analyzes over 400 metrics at every level of the database’s structure with advanced AI algorithms. It then presents the combined results on a single, easy-to-read dashboard, alerting you to any detected problem and drilling down immediately to its source.

Providing deep insight for improving performance, our Performance Control Management suite enables fast diagnosis and repair of performance issues, increases awareness of security issues, and enhances your overall user experience. Most importantly, it offers full network operation control (NOC) enabling you to proactively, rather than reactively, respond to all issues and improve your SQL operations.


  • Reads over 400 individual metrics covering core SQL database activities
  • Analyzes all running queries for status, time for execution, consumed resources, and more to identify and prioritize anomalies based on their threat level
  • Provides three levels of thresholds (low/medium/high) on all alerts that can be set to meet specific requirements
  • Delivers alerts to 30+ SQL conditions and multiple exceptions
  • Retains readings for 30 days, enabling swift comparison of current and historical metrics
  • Displays all results on a clear, user-friendly dashboard, enabling single-click drill-down into problem queries
  • Retrieves, displays and analyzes full query plan, including client, CPU and application commands

The effectiveness of a core SQL database engine is a direct function of hardware infrastructure and operating system (OS) software. A failure or slowdown in any of these components impacts the entire system, regardless of how well you fine-tune or tweak your database.

AimBetter’s solution monitors over 100 critical Windows server system metrics covering your entire infrastructure – including network, internet connectivity, storage, CPU load, and RAM levels – to ensure a smooth-running database. Conducting regular readings, the solution pinpoints unusual patterns in real time, enabling you to take preventive action before serious damage occurs.


  • Analyzes CPU/IO problems resulting from virtual system load/failure and server IO-level loads to immediately locate OS parts impacting database performance
  • Monitors processes, services and installations on the server, and takes a snapshot of the CPU memory image
  • Conducts enhanced Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) performance analysis
Built-In Additions

Windows Server includes two additional built-in features – Terminal Services and Operations Analyzer – to further enhance our powerful solution.

Terminal Services

A terminal service enables businesses to centrally host applications and resources as well as publish them to remote end users, who can then access company resources from anywhere and from any device. Such monitoring is one of the database management’s most important requirements, since remote desktop services directly channel to the SQL Server most functions required by users for input, retrieval and update.

AimBetter’s Terminal Services include unique performance monitoring enabling analysis of the server’s software layer to measure individual activity load. It also aggregates, per application, each user’s processing activity to measure total CPU load and memory usage.

Terminal Services bind performance from the process to the image/software level to create a clear view. They also identify insecure connections to servers that leave an “open door” such as Any Desk or TeamViewer.

Operations Analyzer

Operations Analyzer analyzes levels of CPU, memory, network and disk activity every five minutes. This enables drill-down to the file and application level that creates the activity so that you can understand the source of any system slowdown.

Optional Add-Ons

The speed at which you can detect and address a ransomware attack can mean the difference between having to restore all your servers, invest days of work, and suffer significant data loss to ensuring a business-as-usual environment.

AimBetter enables delivery of “RANSOM DEFENCE”  warnings due to its special method of monitoring system metrics, which are read constantly and analyzed directly in our remote secure datacenter. A typical ransomware attack may go undetected on-site because normal operations are affected so quickly that no one can see what happened. Our monitoring process, however, either detects the attack immediately or indicates that access has been totally interrupted – raising alerts by direct mobile phone messages in either instance.


Our latest, most advanced feature checks the server’s state of connectivity with intra-organizational physical and logical elements such as files, networks, websites and databases to ensure that they remain live. In addition, it monitors connections to external API services such as credit card, PayPal and other payment sites, external storage devices, blockchain services, and other integrated services.

As such, you can construct programmable queries that receive not only server performance problems, but also alerts about changes in specific data such as a sharp drop in sales. This enables you to connect your IT operations to your actual business.

The connectivity add-on offers bundles of 50 connectivity targets to choose from based on your specific needs, and displays the data, along with all other metrics, on the central dashboard.

Internet Information Services

A web server is not only your organization’s public face that enables end user access, but also your channel for in-house users that supports essential features such as email and messaging. To bring out the best in this critical system component, you need easy accessibility and the ability to quickly respond time to your web server. AimBetter’s solution provides full NOC control over your internet information services (IIS) to enhance your web server operations. Tracking and analyzing over 20 different network-performance metrics, the solution ensures that all data is delivered quickly and intact. The tracker also caches each page load for indicating exceptions, enabling you to respond rapidly to errors.


  • Monitors multiple metrics such as current connections, get and post requests/second, and bytes received and sent/second
  • Lists every request and provides a real-time reflection of page errors, slowdowns, and stuck pages

AimBetter combines deep database experience with extensive computer technology know-how to manage all database elements of your business. Our expertise comes from years of working with thousands of SQL servers and hundreds of SMB and large companies, exposing us to any challenge you may encounter. This enables us to solve any issue quickly and effectively. And our Expert DBA Services Team can also guide your database administrators in pinpointing problems, saving them both time and effort.

Covering any assistance you may require – from administration and debugging to programming and education/training – our DBA support service package features:

  • 24/7 SOS support
  • A-Z assistance, including monitoring, detecting, connecting and responding services
  • Expert DBA at your service
  • Annual performance improvement maintenance plan

We’re committed to your success. Our DBA Support Services and expert team ensure that, while giving you the peace of mind you’re looking for… all the time.

With more and more people, including systems and DBA personnel, working remotely, you may feel that you’re losing control over your database performance, particularly when problems arise.

With just a click of your mobile phone, our Mobile Application Monitor provides you with a summary of all alerts delivered during the previous hour.

Built with our full and secure interface, the application is your 24/7 “NOC in a pocket.” Included at no additional charge for up to two users in all AimBetter products, Mobile Application Monitor is also available as a stand-alone solution.

Delivering real-time query tracking and notifications even when the device is turned off, the mobile application lets you truly manage your database anywhere and anytime.

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