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Raise your SQL Server up to peak performance

  Unlock the full power of your SQL Server







Helping you to improve all database operations, with timely, dependable and consistent results – always

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The ultimate SQL Server monitor for total database optimization.

Learn how to:

  •  maximize system performance and upgrade your users’ efficiency and satisfaction
  • ensure information integrity by eliminating possible causes of data loss or corruption
  • increase system availability by being warned of pending problems. Become proactive, not reactive!

Low costs, with immediate benefits 

A simple solution that gives you immediate 

tangible benefits in the form of reduced DBA workload and enhanced user performance. Allows you to shift your attention away from past problems and onto future growth. 

When you can’t see forest for the trees!

Most database monitors swamp you with raw data, needing hours of digging and analysis to find the actual issues. AimBetter finds the problems for you, detecting changes across a wide range of site-specific thresholds (currently 400+ and growing), then alerting you with all the relevant information. Identifying and correcting issues before they impact on your users is now a simpler process – see them and find all relevant details in a single action from one console. 

Specialists in SQL Server

AimBetter specializes in Microsoft SQL Server for our broad base of customers. We offer a complete solution for database administrators managing their corporate information platform. Our customers have complete confidence that with AimBetter as their front line of defense, SQL Server will always be performing at peak levels.Read this endorsement by one of our customer’s DBA.

What’s in it for you

Improvements in SQL Server data integrity and system performance will make your life easier. Move to positive support and away from constant reactive firefighting.


PLUS support when you need it from our own highly-trained specialists working to make usage of AimBetter a breeze.