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Technical Documentation

Docs website

29/03/23 The Docs website sidebar was changed to make it easier to find the desired information. Some articles have been…

Agent Updates

26/03/23 New Beta: Mainly Oracle Monitoring updates. QUERIES => UTC time for logon_time and exec_start_time display bug fix QANALYZE…

Marketing Material

20/04/2023 Images for LinkedIn post   03/04/2023 Images for LinkedIn posts   26/03/23 New banners for Sourceforge Campaign.   Author:…

Access Updates

22/03/23 1. הוספת סטטוס – ‘הדרכה’. 2. מיון מסך POC כך שהתקנות חדשות יופיעו ראשונות. 3. שינוי סדר בעמודות בלשונית POC +…

New Partners

19/03/2023 Bayzell Guatemala, US West Coast, Colombia, Peru, and Alaska 20/02/2023 Estratec360 Spain 23/01/2023 Setesca Spain and Mexico 19/01/2023 Inbal…

AimBetter Website

19/04/23 New article about our italian partner presentation of AimBetter during a Microsoft event in Italy Microsoft House Milano 2023…