Why AimBetter

IT Managers

Gain a complete view of all your Servers Environments

AimBetter empowers IT System Administrators to gain complete visibility over the Servers’ Environments being able to fulfill all their responsibilities better and in much less time.

Supervise daily operations of network and server infrastructure from one single screen

Identify IT infrastructure needs of alignment with current and future business requirements and goals

Analyze cost-effectiveness usage of resources

Evaluate network recovery and backup processes to reduce risks

Understand users’ behavior to assure that all IT activities are within the limits of policies, codes, and regulations

Enhance the security of the network, data, and its storage and communication systems

DBA Professionals

Save hours of non-creative DBA work

If you are a DBA professional, either a DBA freelancer or a corporate DBA, AimBetter smart solution tools can boost your work, cutting the time you need to fix problems and providing valuable insights so you can deliver the best results.

With the AimBetter SQL Monitoring platform, you will be able to understand the root cause of SQL Server issues precisely and get helpful insights on how to improve SQL Server performance.

AimBetter provides complete visibility to the SQL Server environment, with live and historical data about queries.

Through filter and sort capabilities, you can quickly identify blocking queries, queries with missing indexes, queries with plan improvement recommendations, and more.

AimBetter also displays queries resources usage so you can identify costly queries and analyze what has to be done about them.

ERP Systems Users

Improve ERP Performance within your Company

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications are complex systems based on SQL Server that manage and automate core business processes used by all corporation members.

ERP system optimization impacts many company performance aspects, affecting user satisfaction and efficiency and saving costs.

Within ERP application database environments, AimBetter provides complete visibility of, and insight into, all signs of pending performance problems.

AimBetter SQL Monitoring detects and alerts to application code errors in your database and on the whole operating system, covering network, CPU, memory, and storage.

AimBetter Web Server Monitoring benefits companies with web ERP versions to understand and address performance issues within the ERP web server.

IT Service Providers and Data Centers

Enhance your capabilities as an IT Service Provider

AimBetter enables data center and IT service provider teams to quickly identify database performance issues that cause application, database server, and operating system latency.

With AimBetter’s unique holistic view capabilities of visualizing all servers in one single screen, prioritized by severity issues, your team will be able to manage more clients and spend less time in each one.

AimBetter saves your team hours of searching for the clients’ problem causes and empowers you to provide better solutions to higher customer satisfaction.

The Platform

The AimBetter Platform is a one-in-all monitoring solution that
quickly pinpoints the root cause of Servers' performance issue.



SAAS Cloud-based

Data and analytics are stored in our cloud, so it does not load the client’s system

Proprietary AI

Artificial Intelligence developed by DBA experts to execute automatic DBA tasks freeing the DBA and IT teams to do more creative work.

Multiple graphs & metrics

Historical data through intuitive graphical displays and more than 400 metrics

Web browser & Mobile app

Monitor from anywhere and open as many tabs as you want to see different views at once

Small and quick installation

One for all the servers in the same domain (“agentless”). Flexibility to change the monitored server at any time.

Security and Data protection

Enables detection of different security threats and their exact source in a short time adding to the company’s protection tools

Real-time 24/7 monitor

Automatic 24/7 monitoring, sending alerts before the problem is felt by users or affects the company’s performance

Professional support

Assistance from our DBA professional team to fast and effective problem-solving and NOC support

Friendly and intuitive UI

Unique structured UI to provide the best user experience and optimal view of numerous valuable information about the monitored environment



Cuts resolution time


Increases user productivity


Saves the need for additional hardware or storage


Reduces maintenance and cloud costs


Alerts on issues before they are seen


Automatic DBA capabilities


360° view for all management


Improves performance and response time

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