Real Time Problems Solving for Web Server

Deep insight into your Web server performance and traffic

AimBetter for Web Server ensures a high-level functioning of your web server, monitoring the web server’s health and performance 24/7.

Even millisecond-long waiting can keep online users from navigating your Company’s website so it is crucial to have a complete understanding and control of what affects your Web server performance.

Network administrators can better identify and prevent problems before they impact end users by keeping track of vital web server performance metrics on its several layers.

Starting at $140*/ Server 

*Monthly, for annual licenses with 1 day history
including OS layer and IIS single instance


AimBetter controls all the Web Server environment layers in one single place

1. System – the first layer of the SQL Server environment is the system layer. It includes the server’s Hardware and Operating System, such as Windows or Linux.

2. Resources – the second layer includes all the server´s resources,  CPU, memory, hard disk, and network.

3. Web Server – Microsoft Internet Information Service (IIS) is one of the most commonly used web servers.

4. HTTP requests and responses – the main activity on the web servers which must be carefully controlled

5. Processes – processes initiated by the web server se clients’ applications.

6. Exceptions – Events and errors constantly occurring on the system.

Comprehensive Understanding of the Web Server Environment



All Servers statuses ordered by severity issues

Quickly identify and address the most urgent cases.

Scroll over the bars and get aware of the present challenges through labels beneath the status bars

Choose which server to focus on, by selecting the hierarchical layers on the left

Get details in seconds by clicking on the status bar


Live and Historica HTTP requests and responses

Real-time comprehensive analysis of all POST and GET requests

Identify bad requests with error pages and users’ details

Multiple filtering options

Page performance details such as loading time and the impact of different processes

Page codes


Performance metrics along time

Real-time alerts 24/7

Understand all the SQL Server environment health through over 300 critical system metrics

Investigate resource consumption going back to any specific time

Easily compare metrics during different periods


Change tracker including exceptions and system events

Keep updated on any changes like software installation and updates, database creation, service status changes, and more

View all the exceptions in the system with details of when they happened, who the user was, and their description

Recognize abnormal behavior, such as login attempts, that may pose a serious security breach

AimBetter stands out for:



No module-base

No add-ons

No unexpected charges

Monthly subscription



Expert DBA Support

Daily checkups by DBA Team

Personal reports on alerts

Personal training

Technical assistance

DBA Services on-demand

Satisfied Customers

Gain complete visibility

Solve slowness and downtime

Save thousands of dollars

Enterprise and SMB customers

Get a solution, not only a product!

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